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2027: Atiku Hints at Possible Merger with Obi


Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has revealed ongoing discussions with Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate in the 2023 election, regarding a potential merger between their parties. Atiku, who ran as the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate in the same election, spoke about these developments during an interview with BBC Hausa on Friday.

Both Atiku and Obi were defeated by Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the last election. However, Atiku emphasized that he remains active in politics and is committed to supporting the PDP’s future presidential candidate, even if the candidate is from the South-East.

Atiku dismissed any notion of discord between him and Obi.

The former Vice-President also expressed openness to the idea of a South-Eastern candidate leading the PDP in the 2027 elections. “I have made it clear in my previous speeches that if our parties are going to merge to agree on a candidate from the South-East, as long as he is qualified, we will allow it,” he said. Atiku confirmed ongoing efforts to unify the party and strengthen its position.

When questioned about his own political future, Atiku remained non-committal about running in the next election, suggesting that decisions would be made closer to 2027.

Addressing the broader political landscape, Atiku asserted, “We are the people championing the return of democracy and we will continue to ensure democracy is fully improved.”

Regarding his recent meetings with Peter Obi, Atiku described them as routine interactions among opposition leaders.

On the prospect of a merger between PDP and LP, Atiku was optimistic. “Yes, it’s very much possible,” he said.

Atiku reiterated his continued engagement in Nigerian politics, affirming, “I am still in active politics in Nigeria, at least, as long as God permits.” He also emphasized that age should not deter younger individuals from aspiring to political positions.

Atiku highlighted that his future political ambitions would be guided by the PDP’s decisions, encouraging patience until 2027.

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