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Game Changer: New Law Opens US Routes to Nigerian Airlines


The U.S.-Nigeria Air Transport Agreement, provisionally applied since 2000, officially entered into force on May 13, 2024, according to a statement by the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria.

This bilateral agreement signifies a major milestone in the aviation relationship between the two nations, aligning with the U.S. Open Skies international aviation policy and committing to high standards of aviation safety and security.

The agreement establishes a framework that allows for unrestricted capacity and frequency of services, open route rights, a liberal charter regime, and extensive code-sharing opportunities.

The statement says the new agreement will revolutionize the international civil aviation sector in Africa, strengthening the economic and commercial partnership between the United States and Nigeria.

“This agreement with Nigeria is a significant step forward,” the statement says. “It expands our strong economic and commercial ties, promotes people-to-people connections, and creates new opportunities for airlines, travel companies, and customers.

More affordable, convenient, and efficient air services will benefit travellers and shippers alike, boosting tourism and commerce.”

The U.S. Department of State, in collaboration with the Departments of Transportation and Commerce, negotiates such agreements to foster commercial air service frameworks.

US Consul General, Will Stevens

Since 1992, U.S. policy has aimed to eliminate government interference in commercial airline decisions regarding routes, capacity, and pricing, enabling airlines to offer better services to consumers and stimulating economic growth and job creation.

Open Skies agreements are known for enhancing cooperative marketing opportunities between airlines, liberalizing charter regulations, and improving operational flexibility for airlines.

They promote high standards of safety and security, benefiting consumers and spurring economic growth worldwide.

An advocacy group, U.S. Airlines for Open Skies, highlights that these policies have brought millions of international visitors to the United States, supporting over 15 million jobs in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

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