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Poor Pay: Nigerian Judges Demand 300% Salary Raise

The stakeholders claimed that the last salary review for judges occurred in 2007.


Stakeholders in the judiciary have thrown their support behind a bill advocating for a substantial increase in the salaries and allowances of judicial officeholders to the level of a 300% rise in current pay.

The stakeholders claimed that the last salary review for judges occurred in 2007.

This issue was brought to light during the opening session of a two-day workshop held in Abuja by the Court of Appeal to review the 2023 election petition tribunals and appeals.

Among the stakeholders endorsing the bill were notable figures such as Attorney General Fagbemi, Chief Justice of Nigeria Ariwoola, and President of the Nigeria Bar Association Yakubu Maikyau.

Justice Ariwoola, speaking at the workshop, emphasized the dire need for salary adjustments, highlighting the adverse effects of inflation and economic depreciation on judicial officers’ purchasing power.

Other stakeholders echoed Ariwoola’s sentiments, stressing the importance of fair compensation for judges to ensure the integrity and independence of the judiciary.

The proposed bill seeks a substantial salary increase and calls for regular reviews of judicial salaries to align with international standards.

It aims to address the challenges faced by judges, who, due to inadequate compensation, have been forced to endure financial strain for over a decade, with some reportedly engaging in acts contrary to their esteemed positions.

The bill, formally known as the JUDICIAL OFFICE HOLDERS (SALARIES AND ALLOWANCES, ETC.) BILL 2024 has widespread support among stakeholders, including high-ranking officials and legal professionals, and hopes are high for its successful enactment to ensure a fair and effective judiciary system in Nigeria.

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