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Amazing: Nigerian Wig Maker Sets Record With World Widest Wig


Helen Williams, a professional wig maker from Nigeria, has crafted the world’s widest wig, measuring an astonishing 3.65 meters (11 feet 11 inches) in width.

This hairpiece, adorned with over 1,000 rhinestones, has set a new world record, surpassing the length of a Mini Cooper.

Helen, who is no stranger to record-breaking feats, began working on this ambitious project in February.

It took her just over a month to complete the wig, which required more than 800 bundles of auburn hair and cost approximately 4,138,200 Naira ($2,719; £2,150) in materials.

The 31-year-old wig maker also holds the record for the most hair clips in a wig in 30 seconds, having managed to attach 90 clips.

“I am very proud of myself. I now hold three records,” Helen said. “As a professional wig maker, I look forward to breaking many more records in the wig category. I enjoy taking on difficult tasks; it makes me a better person and I learn new things.”

Williams. Photograph: GWR

The creation of the wig was a meticulous process. Helen mostly crafted it by hand, using a sewing machine for some parts. She stitched the wig together on a framework with needle and thread and meticulously attached each rhinestone.

Despite her daily experience in making wigs, this particular project required extensive planning and design, taking months to finalize.

Helen drew inspiration for this record-breaking attempt from actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore, who was involved in creating a previous record-breaking wide wig.

The journey to creating the world’s widest wig was not without its challenges. Helen faced physical discomfort, including neck, back, and thigh pains, during the initial days of the attempt. She also encountered negativity from doubters on social media when she first embarked on her journey to becoming a record breaker.

However, her persistence and dedication have since transformed her online experience into one of support and admiration.

Helen’s latest achievement has solidified her status as a formidable figure in the world of professional wig-making and record-breaking. Her innovative spirit and resilience continue to inspire many in her field and beyond.

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