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Emirates’ Return To Nigeria: Ex-Aviation Minister Chidoka Tackles Keyamo


The return of Emirates Airline to Nigeria, celebrated by Hon. Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development Festus Keyamo on social media, has drawn sharp criticism from former Aviation Minister Osita Chidoka.

In a pointed statement, Chidoka expressed deep concerns over what he sees as a growing lack of national pride and the increasing irrelevance of Nigeria on the global stage.

“Our sovereignty is not for sale. This administration must reaffirm our priceless sovereignty at all times,” the former minister declared, emphasizing that the Federal Government must not permit Emirates Airline to resume flights without addressing the past disrespectful conduct.

Chidoka criticized Emirates for their actions during Nigeria’s economic downturn, highlighting that while other airlines remained committed to their operations in Nigeria, Emirates suspended their flights and left Nigerian travelers stranded.

He recalled that during his tenure, Emirates enjoyed multiple flight slots in Lagos and Abuja, a gesture meant to strengthen bilateral relations.

He further condemned the UAE government’s imposition of a visa ban on all Nigerians, labeling it as a blatant display of “contempt and dehumanization”.

Chidoka stressed that this act was an unjustified attack on the dignity of Nigerians and called for a thorough investigation and apology from Emirates and the UAE government before allowing the airline to resume operations in Nigeria.

He urged the Nigerian government to ensure that national pride and respect are upheld in all international dealings.

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