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(ICYMI) I Hope Peter Obi Won’t Contest in 2027 Election – Soyinka


Nobel Laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka has voiced his hope that Peter Obi, the former Labour Party presidential candidate, will not contest in the next presidential election.

In a recent interview with Noble Nigeria, Soyinka criticized Obi and his team, arguing that their actions during the last election demonstrated their incompetence to govern Nigeria.

Soyinka accused Obi of orchestrating and controlling online trolls who targeted him and other prominent figures with insults for raising critical questions about the Labour Party and its candidate.

The literary icon noted that these attacks, primarily from Obi’s supporters known as “Obidients” on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), were deeply troubling and orchestrated.

Reflecting on the situation, Soyinka expressed disgust at the manufactured facts and derogatory comments circulated by these online trolls.

He emphasized that such behavior, encouraged by those seeking leadership positions, was a sad phenomenon and highlighted a critical flaw in their ability to lead a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation like Nigeria.

Soyinka further warned that the reliance on and encouragement of online trolls by political leaders revealed a fundamental incompetence to govern.

He noted that such leaders, by fostering divisive and hostile actions among their followers, showed they were unfit to lead a diverse society.

Soyinka concluded by expressing his hope that Obi would reconsider running in the next election for the nation’s sake, underscoring the need for leaders who promote unity and competent governance.

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