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Sanusi: Dethronement, Emirs’ Removal Weaken Rulers’ Legitimacy – Northern Elders


The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has voiced strong concerns regarding the recent developments in Kano State, where the multiplication of emirates and the dethronement and replacement of traditional rulers have sparked significant controversy.

In a statement released by Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, the Director of Publicity and Advocacy, on Friday, the NEF expressed profound agitation over these actions, highlighting their potential to undermine the authority and legitimacy of traditional rulers.

Suleiman emphasized that the arbitrary removal and replacement of high-ranking traditional leaders not only weaken their influence but also send a troubling message about the dispensability of their roles in society.

“This is a clear example of the struggles faced by traditional rulers in the country. The NEF is worried that the recent crisis surrounding the emirate in Kano state has raised tensions and concerns among the public,” he stated.

The NEF urged the Kano State government and the politicians involved to handle this sensitive issue with extreme caution to avoid further escalation of tensions.

“Violence and unrest will only serve to further divide us and hinder any chance of finding a peaceful resolution to the current situation,” Suleiman noted.

Highlighting the broader challenges facing the traditional institution in Nigeria, the NEF pointed out that the creation of multiple emirates in Kano is an attempt to dilute the power and influence of traditional rulers, making them more susceptible to political manipulation.

The statement further criticized the systematic sidelining and disempowerment of traditional rulers through various administrative mechanisms and reforms. According to the NEF, these measures have weakened the rulers’ influence and rendered their roles ineffective.

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