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School Loan Scheme: 6 Solutions To Commonly-Experienced Loan Application Problems


The National Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) has acknowledged the difficulties some students are experiencing with the Student Loan Application portal and provided comprehensive solutions to address these issues.

In a recent Twitter post, NELFUND outlined several common problems and corresponding steps students can take to resolve them.

  1. Missing Schools on Institution List:
    • Issue: Students have reported that their schools are not listed on the application portal.
    • Solution: Students should contact their institution’s ICT department to liaise with NELFUND for inclusion.
  1. Unverifiable JAMB Numbers:
    • Issue: Some students are unable to verify their JAMB numbers.
    • Solution: Students should contact their schools to ensure their admission details are correctly supported and recorded by JAMB.
  1. State-Owned Institution Applications:
    • Issue: Students from state-owned institutions are currently unable to apply.
    • Solution: NELFUND stated that the initial rollout phase is exclusive to federal institutions. Students from state-owned schools should wait for further announcements.
  1. Dropdown List of Institutions Not Visible:
    • Issue: Some users cannot see any institutions in the dropdown list on the portal.
    • Solution: Students should check their internet connection and refresh their browser.
  1. Email Verification Problems:
    • Issue: Students are facing difficulties verifying their accounts via email.
    • Solution: Students should ensure they are entering the correct email address during the verification process.
  1. Unverifiable Matriculation Numbers:
    • Issue: Students’ matriculation numbers are not being verified on the portal.
    • Solution: Students should contact their school’s ICT department to ensure their records are uploaded to the Students Verification System (SVS).

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