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Student Loan Scheme: NELFUND Admits Application Portal Problems


The National Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) has acknowledged the difficulties some students are encountering with the Student Loan Application portal.

In a recent Twitter post, NELFUND provided detailed solutions to the various challenges reported by applicants, and reiterates its commitment to resolving these issues and ensuring a smoother application process.

NELFUND advised students whose institutions are not listed on the portal to contact their school’s ICT department, which can then reach out to NELFUND to resolve the issue.

“This step aims to ensure that all eligible institutions are included in the portal, allowing more students to apply for loans without hindrance,” the tweet says.

For students unable to verify their Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) numbers, NELFUND recommended contacting their schools to confirm that their admission is supported by JAMB. This verification is crucial as it confirms the student’s eligibility for the loan.

The current rollout phase of the student loan program is limited to federal institutions, leaving students from state-owned institutions temporarily unable to apply.

NELFUND advised such students to hold on for further announcements as the program will expand to include state-owned institutions in subsequent phases.

Students experiencing difficulties seeing institutions in the dropdown list were advised to check their internet connection and refresh their browser. This technical issue can often be resolved with a stable internet connection and a simple browser refresh.

For those unable to verify their accounts via email, NELFUND emphasized the importance of entering the correct email address. Ensuring accuracy in this step is vital for account verification and subsequent communication from NELFUND.

Lastly, students whose matriculation numbers cannot be verified on the portal were directed to their school’s ICT department. The department needs to upload the students’ records to the Students Verification System (SVS), which is essential for confirming their status and eligibility for the loan.

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