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Tomato Ebola: Farming Crisis Forces Tomato Prices To Soar


Nigerian consumers are feeling the pinch as the cost of tomato products continues to rise across the country. The prices of tomatoes have surged by as much as 120 per cent in recent weeks.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Mohammad Mahmood Abubakar, responded to the public outcry that greeted the sudden price rise on Monday through his official X account.

The upsurge, he said, was attributed to an infestation plaguing tomato farms dubbed “Tomato Ebola” or Tomato Leaf Miner.

“Many of our tomato farms have been affected by a severe infestation known as Tomato Ebola or Tomato Leaf Miner,” he stated, confirming the link between the infestation and the surge in tomato prices.

“This has drastically reduced the availability of tomatoes and contributed to rising costs,” he added.

The minister added that the ministry had launched immediate measures to combat the infestation.

“We are deploying agricultural experts to affected areas to contain and eliminate the infestation.”

“Additionally, we are supporting our farmers with the necessary resources and guidance to recover their crops as quickly as possible,” the Minister assured.

Drawing parallels with previous agricultural challenges, the minister referenced the establishment of the Ginger Blight Control Taskforce.

“We understand the impact this has on your daily lives and are working tirelessly to resolve the situation and restore the supply of affordable tomatoes,” he reassured the Nigerians.

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