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Military Vows Retaliation After Deadly Attack Results In Five Soldiers’ Killing


In a tragic incident, five soldiers were killed in an attack by IPOB/ESN terrorists at the Obikabia Junction Checkpoint in Obingwa Local Government Area, Abia State.

The checkpoint, located near Aba metropolis, was the target of a coordinated surprise attack, the military confirmed in a statement on Friday.

“The troops deployed to enforce peace in the area and protect the citizens were mass-attacked by the terrorists,” the statement read.

According to the military, the attackers arrived in three tinted Prado Toyota SUVs, launching their assault from built-up areas surrounding the checkpoint.

The attack resulted in the deaths of five personnel of the armed forces.

“The armed forces mourn the death of these troops as each and every soldier lost in battle is a terrible loss,” the military stated, highlighting the ongoing investigation into the incident.

Emphasizing the critical role of community support in combating terrorism, the military noted, “Winning the war without the support of the people is close to impossible. The IPOB capitalized on this to perpetrate attacks on the troops.”

In response to the attack, the military pledged a robust and fierce retaliation. “The military would be fierce in its response. We would bring overwhelming military pressure on the group to ensure their total defeat,” the statement declared, signaling a determined effort to eliminate the threat posed by IPOB/ESN terrorists.

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