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13-Year-Old Innovator Turns CDs into Solar Panels


In an impressive display of ingenuity and creativity, Abdul Hakeem, a 13-year-old student from Zarya, has developed a method to generate solar energy using compact discs (CDs).

Traditionally used for storing digital audio and video, CDs are now being repurposed by young Abdul to create sustainable energy solutions.

The inspiration for this innovative project came during a classroom lesson on solar energy and reflection.

“Our teacher explained how sunlight could be reflected, and it sparked an idea in my mind. I thought, ‘If you put a CD in sunlight, it acts like a mirror, reflecting light,’ and that led me to think about creating a solar panel,” Abdul explained.

After two months of intensive thought and experimentation, Abdul found a starting point. He approached his parents with a request for CDs and aluminum foil.

Using cardboard, aluminum foil, and CDs, Abdul constructed his prototype solar panel, adhering the CDs with glue at specific angles to maximize sunlight capture.

The prototype’s effectiveness was surprising and impressive. Abdul demonstrated that his solar panel could generate between 50 to 60 volts, enough to light a bulb.

This achievement excited his teachers and school management at Government Secondary School Inu in Zar Metropolis, who praised his creativity and the educational system that fostered it.

“The ingenuity of Abdul Hakeem’s project is a testament to the quality of education and the dedication of our students and teachers.

It shows that our investments in education are bearing fruit,” a school representative commented.

Abdul’s ambition doesn’t stop with this project. He dreams of seeing Nigeria advance technologically and hopes for government support to further his inventions.

“I want the government to encourage me. I want to create many things and help my country develop. When young people like me are supported, we can achieve great things.”

With young inventors like Abdul Hakeem leading the charge, Nigeria’s path towards technological advancement and improved social wellbeing looks promising.

His innovative use of CDs for solar energy not only showcases his brilliance but also underscores the potential for unconventional materials in creating sustainable solutions.

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