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Fubara Mends Fences With Wike’s Main Man, King Ateke Tom


In a bid to foster unity and progress in Rivers State, Governor Siminalayi Fubara has announced the end of the worst political crisis that recently gripped the oil-rich state.

Speaking at the thanksgiving reception organized by the Amanyanabo of Okochiri Kingdom, King Ateke Tom, to commemorate his 60th birthday, Governor Fubara reassured citizens of the state’s commitment to delivering quality services and infrastructure projects.

“I identify with you, King Ateke Tom, and I want to appreciate you for standing with us. I am happythat you are one of my allies,” Governor Fubara stated. The event, held at King Ateke Tom’s residence in Okochiri Town, Okrika Local Government Area, was also an

occasion to express gratitude for the elevation of King Ateke Tom’s traditional stool from second-class to first-class status and his appointment as the Ama Poku (spokesman) of Kirike Se by the Okrika people. Governor Fubara commended King Ateke Tom for his

dedication to peace and development, stating, “The only thing that will be associated with our administration is success, success and more success.” The governor underscored the significance of King Ateke Tom’s 60th birthday, recognizing it as a remarkable

milestone amidst contemporary challenges. “Life expectancy continues to reduce because of lifestyle changes and other exposures like the effect of modern technology, which makes attaining 60 a lofty feat,” he remarked. Highlighting the role of the government in

supporting individuals who contribute to the state’s peace and development, Governor Fubara reiterated his administration’s commitment to standing by King Ateke Tom and the people of Rivers State. Governor Fubara expressed his gratitude to all those

present for joining in the celebration of their brother, acknowledging their support. As the state marks a significant transition from political turmoil to reconciliation, the governor’s words reflect a renewed optimism for unity and progress in Rivers State. With a

focus on collaboration and development, the government aims to address the needs of its citizens and propel the state towards a brighter future. In celebrating King Ateke Tom’s 60th birthday, the event not only signifies personal milestones but also serves as a

symbol of hope and resilience amidst challenges, demonstrating the power of unity and gratitude in overcoming adversity

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