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Landmark Bill: Senate Approves 300% Salary Raise for Judicial Officers


The Nigerian Senate, on Wednesday, approved a 300 percent salary increase for judicial officers.

The senate passed a bill that reformed the remuneration structure of judicial officers across the country and ensure the independence of the judiciary.

The bill had been transmitted to the National Assembly by President Bola Tinubu for consideration and passage recently.

According to the Senate, the move is part of efforts to combat bribery and corruption within the judicial system and to align the salaries, allowances, and fringe benefits of judicial officers with current socio-economic realities in Nigeria.

Senator Ashiru, who presented the bill at the time, highlighted its significance in improving the welfare, capacity, and independence of the judiciary.

“This proposed legal framework undoubtedly will bring about significant improvement in the welfare, capacity, and independence of the Judiciary, which have been contentious issues of public discourse over the years,” stated Senator Ashiru.

The bill aimed to unify the salary structure and fringe benefits for judicial office holders at both the federal and state levels.

While the bill received unanimous support from lawmakers, some raised concerns about the economic implications and called for a broader review of remuneration across all sectors.

At the time, Senator Mohammed Monguno emphasized the importance of ensuring adequate remuneration for judicial officers to prevent corruption.

“There is the need to provide adequate remuneration that would prevent judicial officials from being tempted for corruption,” Senator Monguno asserted.

Senator Orji Kalu commended the executive for presenting the bill and stressed the necessity of dispensing justice rightly to Nigerians.

He urged the government to improve remuneration in other sectors to reflect current economic realities.

Deputy President of the Senate, Barau Jubrin, applauded the effort to enhance the salary and welfare of judicial officials.

He highlighted the significance of the bill in addressing the silent suffering of judicial officers and praised President Tinubu for prioritizing their well-being.

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