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Obi Knocks Labour Party: You Can’t Appoint Leaders for Obidient Movement


Former presidential candidate Peter Obi, has refuted assertions made by the Labour Party regarding the leadership of the Obidient movement and the setting up of an Obidient Directorate.

The Obidient movement is made up of supporters who vigorously campaigned for Obi and the party during the 2023 general election.

Obi issued the clarification via his social media accounts on Wednesday.

The Labour Party had recently appointed leaders for the movement.

Obi staunchly opposed the party’s decision, especially the appointment of leaders for the movement.

The former governor of Anambra State emphasised that the Obidient Movement transcended political boundaries and affiliations.

He also clarified that the Obidient Movement was not affiliated with any specific political party, rebuffing claims that it operates as a directorate within the Labour Party.

Instead, he underscored the movement’s diverse and inclusive nature, which encompasses individuals from various backgrounds, regions, and sectors, both within Nigeria and across the globe.

He said, “I like to categorically state that the Obidient Movement is not directorate of any particular political party. Any individual or individuals claiming to be leaders of this non-existent directorate are simply not members of the broader Obidient Movement

“There may be a youth mobilization directorate in political parties but the Obidient movement is far beyond a particular political party. The Obidient Movement is a diverse and inclusive collective that transcends traditional political, religious, and ethnic affiliations.

“It is not domiciled within any particular party or headquartered in any particular part of the country. Its membership spans across Africa and the globe, comprising individuals from various backgrounds, including rural communities, and public, private, and corporate entities, united by a shared vision for a New and better Nigeria.

“Guided by the principles of adaptive and transformative change, progress, discipline, and democratic values, the Obidient Movement advocates for fairness, equity, inclusivity, and justice.”

According to Obi, the Obidient Movement advocates for transformative change, fairness, equity, inclusivity, and justice in Nigerian society.

He said the movement’s commitment to accountability, responsible governance, integrity, and democratic values, positioning it as a beacon of hope for a reimagined Nigeria.

Furthermore, Obi stressed that the movement operates independently of any political party and does not adhere to any particular affiliation.

Its focus, he reiterated, remains steadfast on driving positive change and fostering a New Nigeria that prioritizes the well-being of all citizens.

Obi’s denunciation came a week after the party announced members of what it described as the ‘Obidient Directorate’ through a statement from Obiora Ifoh its National Publicity Secretary.

The party had claimed that the move was to bolster the participation of millions of youths, especially those within the Obidient family in the political process.

The party also announced the establishment of the Obidient Directorate.

The members listed as the new leadership of the movement included Mr Marcel Ngogbehei as Director, supported by a team of Deputy Directors: Mr. Ajiu Elumelu, Mrs. Mariam Ismaila, Mr. Chukwuemeka Gerald Okafor, Mrs. Angel Innocent, Mr. Tony Ashekomeh Jnr, Mr. Emeka Ezechi, Mr. Josiah Omenuwoma, Mr. Emmanuel Odusote, and Mr. Adeyeye Tosin.

Their terms of reference, according to the party, were:

1. To Coordinate the registration of all members of the Obidient community and integrate them fully into the structure of the party.

2. Ease Diaspora participation in the affairs of the party.

3. Receive complaints and deal with same and where they are unable to deal with same, refer such complaints to the leadership of the party.

4. Coordinate collection of dues and donations to the party and to ensure that all Obidients are financial members of the party.

5. Work closely with the National Youth Leader, National Women Leader, and National Organizing Secretary in order to create programs that will fully and effectively assimilate all members of the Obidient family to the party.

With Obi’s strong denunciation of the decision it remains unclear if the inauguration of the Obidient Directorate scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 6, 2024, at the NEC Hall, National Secretariat, Utako, Abuja, will take place.

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