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Agba Baller, E-Choke & 15 Other Colourful Nigerian Slangs


Exploring the Vibrant World of Nigerian Street Slangs. Naija lingo dey scatter ground, e no easy! If you never sabi some of di slangs wey people dey use for street, you dey miss out on top di real Naija vibe. But no fear, we don carry the gist come your way so you fit blend wella with the Naija energy.

1. Japa (Run away)

If pesin dey run comot for place or situation, na “japa” dem dey do. Sometimes, when traffic hold you well well for Lagos, the only option na to japa!

2. Osha pra pra (You’re dope!)

Dis na slang wey you fit use hail or greet your person wey sabi well well. When you see your guy wey dey always show swag, you fit hail am with “Osha pra pra!”.

3. E choke (Overwhelming)

Na Davido bring dis one, e mean say something dey too much or e impress well well. Imagine say you dey chop the sweetest jollof rice and e choke you – na so e be!

4. Lepa/Orobo toh bad (Slim/Plump woman)

If woman slim, dem fit call am “lepa”, if she fat, na “orobo” dem dey call am. For Naija, we dey celebrate all shapes and sizes!

Image: MTN

5. Ashewo (Sex worker)

Dis one na slang for pesin wey dey do ashawo work. E dey sound strong but na serious matter for street. But sometimes, men wey be paddies fit use am jokingly describe dem paddy.

6. 24/7 (Anytime, everytime)

It is not  just a slang, it’s a way of life. It was a testament to unwavering commitment to one’s hustle and drive to succeed against all odds

7. Jara (Extra or freebie)

If pesin add something extra give you after you don buy something, na “jara” be dat. No be say you ask, but dem still bless you with jara!

8. Amebo/Aporoko (Gossip)

If person like to carry or spread tori, dem fit call am “amebo”. Na person wey like gist pass their own be dis!

9. Yawa Don Gas (Big problem don show)

When trouble show for street, dis na di slang wey you go hear. E fit be fight or anything wey cause kasala.

10. Sapa (Extreme poverty)

If pesin dey suffer or no get shishi, dem fit talk say e dey “sapa”. No be play matter at all.

11. Over-sabi kill you there (Busy-body)

If pesin too dey show himself or dey do pass him level, dem fit call am “over-sabi”. Sometimes, we need to calm down small!

12. Ajebutter (Anyone born with a silver spoon)

If pesin dey come from big family, dem fit call am “ajebutter”. Dem be correct bourgeoisie!

13. Kolo/kolomenta (Go mad)

If pesin lose control or start to misbehave, e fit mean say e don “kolo”. E fit mean say pesin don waka.

14. Agba Baller (Pro player)

This one na baller, na im everybody dey rush to put for their team. E sabi anything die!

15. Always Guiding (Always alert)

If you dey always dey ready like boy’s scout or you sabi block person wey wan collect ball from you, na “guiding” you dey do.

16. Monkey post (Makeshift goalpost)

Dis na goalpost wey dem build with anything wey dem see for street. Creativity na di key!

17. Felele (Light ball)

This na small ball wey people dey use play for street. E dey perfect for quick matches and its also refers to someone wey no get stamina [Light weight].

So, make you dey sharp now, so you fit follow Naija tori for street and understand wetin dey shele. Naija lingo totori for body!

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