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10 Nigerian Agrifintech Startups Empowering Small Farmers


Smallholder farmers are the backbone of Nigeria’s agriculture sector.

Since the advent digital disruption, the sector has been experiencing unprecedented changes thanks to innovative agrifintech startups.

These companies are providing digital financial services that help farmers access credit, insurance, and market information, ensuring they can cultivate their lands more efficiently and profitably.

Find ten Nigerian agrifintech startups leading this transformation.

Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric is redefining agricultural finance by connecting farmers with investors.

The platform allows individuals to invest in farming projects, providing farmers with the capital needed for seeds, fertilizers, and equipment.

In return, investors receive a portion of the profits at harvest.

Photograph: Thrive Agric


Farmcrowdy offers a platform where Nigerians can sponsor farming projects.

By doing so, sponsors provide the funds necessary for smallholder farmers to purchase quality inputs and access better farming techniques.

The result is increased yields and profits, which are shared with the sponsors.


PayAgri facilitates transactions between farmers and buyers through a secure digital platform.

This ensures farmers receive timely payments and can access microloans to support their agricultural activities, ultimately leading to improved productivity and financial stability.


AgroMall offers a suite of digital services, including financial inclusion, data analytics, and advisory services.

By leveraging technology, AgroMall helps farmers make informed decisions, access financial products, and connect with markets more effectively.


Releaf focuses on improving the agricultural supply chain through technology.

The company provides digital tools and financial services that help farmers process their crops more efficiently, reducing post-harvest losses and increasing market value.

Photograph: Releaf


Crop2Cash is dedicated to providing financial access to smallholder farmers through its digital platform.

Farmers can receive payments directly into their mobile wallets, apply for loans, and access insurance products, all of which contribute to a more secure farming environment.

Hello Tractor

Hello Tractor offers a unique solution to mechanization challenges in Nigeria.

The platform connects tractor owners with farmers needing affordable and timely tractor services.

Additionally, Hello Tractor provides financial services to facilitate these transactions and ensure sustainability.


Tingo’s platform provides mobile-based financial services to farmers, including mobile banking, payment processing, and insurance products.

By offering these services, Tingo empowers farmers to manage their finances more effectively.


Farmforte combines technology and finance to enhance agricultural value chains.

The company provides digital financial services, such as credit and insurance, to farmers, ensuring they have the resources needed to optimize their operations and access better markets.

Verdant Agritech

Verdant Agritech focuses on using digital tools to improve access to credit and insurance for smallholder farmers.

The platform provides a comprehensive suite of services, including financial literacy programs, to help farmers manage their finances and grow their businesses sustainably.

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