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Betting Made Simple: BetKing, Paga Unveil Major Partnership Deal


BetKing, a top sports betting platform, has teamed up with Paga, a leading fintech company, to make betting easier and more secure for users.

This new partnership means that BetKing users can now fund their accounts using Paga with the added bonus of a 1% cashback offer.

BetKing is well-known in the online betting world, while Paga has a strong presence in financial services with over 21 million customers.

With 15 years of experience in the African fintech market, Paga ensures safe and quick transactions, all processed in just 3 seconds.

Gossy Ukanwoke, Managing Director of BetKing Nigeria, said, “Partnering with Paga is a big step forward for BetKing. It shows our dedication to innovation and making our users happy.

“This isn’t just about combining technologies; it’s about changing the betting experience. With Paga’s know-how and our shared goals, we’re ready to make transactions smoother and safer for our users.”

Nike Faroun, Head of Growth at Paga, added, “This partnership with BetKing is a chance to offer our users a quick, safe, and easy way to manage their accounts.

“For 15 years, Paga has been a trusted leader in African payments, and this partnership shows our ongoing commitment to making financial services simple and empowering Nigerians. The 1% cashback is a nice bonus, but the real value is in the ease, security, and speed that Paga users expect.”

This collaboration aims to improve the overall experience for people using both Paga and BetKing services.

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