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Global Bodies Launch Free Blockchain Course for Nigerian Developers, Others

Share the largest developer community in Turkey, and its blockchain education platform, Rise In, are teaming up with Circle, a global financial technology firm known for issuing USDC, a digital dollar equivalent to the US dollar.

According to a press release issued by Circle, this collaboration aims to introduce stable coin protocols and Web3 services to developers in Turkey and around the world, including Nigeria.

The programme features a comprehensive course and a series of events and workshops designed to help developers use Circle’s tools for fast and cost-effective global transactions.

“In today’s world, many startups and established businesses struggle with high fees and slow transaction speeds,” the press release states.

“Using USDC and advanced API solutions, this program teaches developers how to facilitate quick and affordable transactions essential for global operations.”

Circle’s VP of Developer and Ecosystem Marketing, Sandra Persing, highlighted the global interest in blockchain technology.

“Developers worldwide want to learn about blockchain’s benefits.

This program with and Rise In is a great starting point for developers to explore Circle’s USDC and Web3 tools,” she said.

The initiative begins with a free course that introduces developers to the Circle platform.

Topics include moving USDC across different blockchains, using Circle’s Programmable Wallets, and leveraging Circle’s Gas Station to sponsor transfers without gas fees.

The course is available online, with in-person workshops planned across Turkey.

Gulcan Yayla, CEO and Co-Founder of Rise In, emphasised Turkey’s leadership in crypto adoption and the need for developer upskilling.

“Turkey is a top country in crypto adoption. We work with over 250 enterprise companies and startups to grow their talent pool.

“This partnership with Circle will help developers integrate blockchain technology to enhance their businesses,” Yayla commented.

Rise In’s free course starts on May 22nd and is accessible on their platform.

With over 90,000 learners across more than 100 countries, including Nigeria, Rise In continues to expand its reach in blockchain education.

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