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Money Dispute: PSquare Brothers In Fresh War


The famous music duo, PSquare, comprising twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye, and their older-brother manager, Jude, are embroiled in a fresh conflict, which appears more serious than their previous dispute.

Blogger, Stella Dimokok, reports on her blog that the latest trouble started when Peter was approached by a company interested in purchasing the PSquare music catalogue.

However, the potential buyers required a detailed statement of royalties received over the years to determine a fair price.

Insiders say that when Peter approached his brother Paul and their manager Jude for the account statements, he faced delays and suspected something was wrong.

Further investigation by Peter uncovered startling revelations.

According to the blog, “They say that Peter approached Jude and his twin Paul and told them what was proposed but after weeks of waiting for statement of account, it dawned on Peter that all was not well and sources say he began to investigate what was wrong.

“Northside entertainment is the company Registered by Peter and Paul but their brother Jude made himself the only signatory to the account.

“A can of worms opened on all fronts and Peter allegedly discovered that Northside music ‘ account had been diverting funds to a new company called Northside music which had Jude’s wife Ifeoma as a director with her family address used for registration.”

The money in contention are Royalties due to the Singers from 2007 till date and running into millions.

It was discovered that while Northside Entertainment, a company registered by Peter and Paul, was intended to handle their finances, Jude had made himself the sole signatory.

Funds had allegedly been diverted to a new company, also named Northside Music, with Jude’s wife Ifeoma listed as a director and her family address used for registration.

This new company had been receiving royalties due to PSquare from 2007 to date, amounting to millions of dollars.

The report says that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is now involved.

Jude has allegedly admitted to diverting funds, leading to the freezing of his accounts both in Nigeria and internationally.

The brothers were seen at the EFCC office on Thursday, June 6, 2024, in a heated confrontation.

Jude, who was detained by the EFCC, was only released on bail signed by former NFF President Pinnick, allowing him to celebrate his birthday at home.

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