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New Minimum Wage Will Trigger Mass Layoffs – Omokri


Popular social media ihfluencer, Reno Omokri, has opposed the proposed increase in Nigeria’s minimum wage from ₦30,000 to ₦60,000, predicting dire consequences if the proposal goes through.

Omokri highlighted the financial struggles faced by most of Nigeria’s 36 states, arguing that many are already unable to meet the current minimum wage of ₦30,000.

“What is the use of making an unenforceable minimum wage law?” he asked.

“More than half of Nigeria’s thirty-six states are already struggling to pay the current ₦30,000 minimum wage.

It does not take a genius to know that if they are forced to pay ₦60,000, the governors will have to engage in MASSIVE sacking.”

According to Omokri, only about eight states in Nigeria can sustain themselves without federal allocations.

He pointed out that Nigeria’s tax-to-GDP ratio is under 10%, lower than that of Ivory Coast, raising the question of where the additional funds for the new minimum wage would come from.

“So, where will the states find the extra money for the new minimum wage? From Christ Embassy’s school of miracles?” he asked rhetorically.

Omokri criticized the tendency of Nigerians to respond emotionally to economic issues, drawing a comparison to the public outcry over rising pepper prices in Southern Nigeria.

He said, “Sadly, we, as Nigerians, can be very emotional. It is just like the current complaint in Southern Nigeria about the sudden rise in the price of pepper. And all we do is complain.

“Are we aware that if we go to the back of our houses and plant pepper seeds, they will grow, and in ninety days, we will have peppers to harvest and even to sell? No. It is to blame Tinubu.”

He encouraged Nigerians to adopt a more self-reliant approach, similar to home gardening practices in the UK and the US.

“Almost 60% of the British population grow at least some of their vegetables at home.

“The percentage in the U.S. is 55%. But here in Nigeria, as soon as it rains, it is bedroom enjoyment we think of.

“Yet, we have more fertile land and much more sunshine than Britons or Americans,” he said.

Omokri concluded by suggesting that states should be allowed to set their own minimum wages independently of the federal government.

He said, “Unless we allow the states to individually set their own minimum wages and allow the Federal Government to set theirs, whatever new minimum wage we come up with will be defaulted on by more than half the states.”

In anticipation of backlash for his views, Omokri added, “Oya, insult now. As if it is insult that will guarantee that you get paid a fair wage.”

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