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Nigerian Real Estate Broker Among Top Contenders for Las Vegas Mayor


The race to become the next mayor of Las Vegas is heating up, with 14 candidates vying for the top position in the June 11 primary.

Among these hopefuls is Nigerian-born real estate broker Kola Akingbade, who brings unique perspectives and bold ideas to the table.

Leading the race are well-known political figures like former Congresswoman Shelley Berkley and current Las Vegas City Council members Victoria Seaman and Cedric Crear.

Despite their popularity, an April poll by 8 News Now revealed that 56% of voters remain undecided, leaving the outcome wide open.

The primary’s nonpartisan nature means the candidates’ political affiliations will not appear on the ballot.

If no candidate secures more than 50% of the vote, the top two will proceed to a general election on November 5.

Kola Akingbade stands out with his ambitious plans for Las Vegas.

Born in Nigeria, Akingbade has made a name for himself in real estate.

He envisions a Las Vegas that diversifies its economy and provides new revenue streams.

His platform includes legalizing prostitution to fund housing projects and creating family-friendly tourist attractions like water parks and theme parks.

“Six Flags Magic Mountain, Disney Vegas will definitely compete with Orlando and Los Angeles. Make the theme park areas a non-gambling area,” Akingbade states on his website, emphasizing his vision for a more inclusive and varied entertainment landscape in Las Vegas.

Several other candidates bring different strengths and ideas to the race:

  • Tera Anderson, with a business-oriented approach, aims to tackle rising living costs and crime rates.

“The rising cost of living, lack of accessible housing, plummeting graduation rates, rising crime rates, and overly burdensome business regulations in our city require immediate and urgent attention,” she says.

  • Lynn Baird focuses on family-oriented solutions, suggesting property tax breaks and rent control to address housing issues.

“We need to stop corporate control of housing,” he asserts.

  • Shelley Berkley, leveraging her extensive political experience, identifies key issues such as crime, affordable housing, and homelessness.

She pledges to support the Metro police with necessary resources.

  • Cedric Crear, a city councilman, emphasizes community involvement and aims to become Las Vegas’s first Black mayor.

His initiatives include workforce development and expanding services for students.

  • Victoria Seaman prioritizes public safety and transportation projects.

“We need more severe penalties for violent and organized crimes and better support for recovery and mental health services,” she advocates.

The upcoming 8 News Now debate on May 23 will give voters further insight into the candidates’ positions.

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