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How Dbanj helped me to revive Jenifa Brand – Funke Akindele


Nollywood sensation Funke Akindele, renowned for her iconic portrayal of ‘Jenifa in the Jenifa series,’ recently shared snippets of her relationship with music star D’Banj.

Akindele reminisced about a pivotal moment that rejuvenated the beloved Jenifa brand, crediting D’Banj for his instrumental role.

“I have a lot to say about him, but let me just say one thing that is very important,” Akindele began.

“In 2009, when we came up with ‘Jenifa,’ the brand, and after a big break with Jenifa, everybody loved Jenifa so much. I was out there, and they were celebrating me everywhere.

Reflecting on a chance encounter at a club hosted by Mr. Folly Coker, Akindele recounted her first meeting with D’Banj.

“He said, ‘I am here to serenade you,'” she recalled with a smile. “We danced, happy and all that. He took me to a private corner and said, ‘Why do you let Jenifa go like that?'”

This unexpected question sparked a profound conversation about the potential of the Jenifa brand.

“He said, ‘Jenifa has to come back! Nothing bad happened to Jenifa. so, wake-up from your dream.'” Akindele shared. “He encouraged me to milk the brand and make money out of it. He said get in-touch with me and any support you need, I will give you.

Moved by D’Banj’s insight and generosity, Akindele reached out to him for support in reviving the Jenifa franchise.

“Out of his pocket, he gave me some money and said, ‘Go and write another Jenifa,'” she recounted, her voice tinged with emotion. “Tears in my eyes, I was like, really? No strings attached? And he said, ‘No, if you want me to be part of it, I will be a part of it.'”

Thus, with D’Banj’s encouragement and financial support, Akindele penned ‘The Return of Jenifa,’ a sequel that reignited the brand’s relevance and popularity.

“That was how we brought up ‘The Return of Jenifa,’ and till date, the brand is still relevant,” Akindele affirmed proudly.

As she gears up for the release of “Everybody Loves Jenifa” Christmas coming 2024, Akindele expressed her deep gratitude to D’Banj for his unwavering support throughout her career.

“This gentleman here, God used him to speak to me to have the Jenifa Brand,” she declared. “I want to celebrate D’Banj; you are always there for me.”

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