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Tinubu Urged To Honour Captain Who Overpowered Terrorists, Rescued Victims


Reno Omokri, social commentator, has urged President Bola Tinubu to recognize and honour a Nigerian Army officer, Captain J.O. Abalaka, for his extraordinary bravery.

On his account, Omokri highlighted the captain’s heroic actions: Abalaka was abducted by bandits in Kogi State but managed to overpower his captors, seize their weapons, and free not only himself but also other victims.

Omokri emphasized that Captain Abalaka’s actions exemplified positive leadership and the values needed to rebrand Nigeria and its institutions, particularly the Nigerian Army.

He stressed the importance of promoting such heroic deeds to alter the often negative international and local perceptions of Nigeria.

He said, “If I were President Bola Tinubu, I would invite Captain J.O. Abalaka, the military officer who was abducted by bandits while in transit in Kogi State, yet managed to overpower them, seize their weapons, and free himself, as well as rescue other innocent Nigerians they had taken victim.

“Nobody deserves a Presidential visit and handshake like Captain Abalaka.

“His bravery and chivalry, as well as his courage under pressure, are the type of positive leadership and values that should be projected to rebrand Nigeria and her apparatuses of state, like the Nigerian Army.”

Given that tomorrow is Democracy Day, Omokri sees it as a perfect occasion for President Tinubu to spotlight Captain Abalaka’s bravery, presenting him as a symbol of hope and heroism. Recognizing Abalaka could serve as a powerful narrative shift, projecting a more positive image of Nigeria to the world.

He said, “Unfortunately, negative news about Nigeria tends to make headlines locally and internationally. We must change the narrative.

“Captain Abalaka is a poster boy for changing the narrative with his heroic exploits, a breath of fresh air to our nation. Tomorrow is Democracy Day.

“It is an ideal opportunity for the present to project this authentic Nigerian superhero to the country and the world at large. I celebrate Captain J.O. Abalaka, and pray that God will bless our nation with more brave men like him.”

The incident was reported by SaharaReporters, which noted that Captain Abalaka was abducted along the Ekpoma/Okene/Lokoja Road while en route to his new unit at the operational headquarters of the Maiduguri Command from 29 Battalion in Port Harcourt.

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