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Courtroom Drama: Fake Lawyer Unmasked, Arrested


A man masquerading as a lawyer was swiftly exposed and subsequently arrested at an Anambra State High Court on Friday.

The scene played out during a routine hearing when the presiding judge grew suspicious of the defendant’s presentation.

The episode was captured in a viral video that made the rounds on Friday.

As the case progressed, it became increasingly obvious that the supposed lawyer was not who he claimed to be.

“Stop him, No Lawyer can do this, if you’re a Lawyer, you won’t do this. Officer, there is an impostor here, this man is not a Lawyer,” exclaimed the presiding Judge, his voice cutting through the tense silence of the courtroom.

The accused, seemingly fazed by the judge’s accusation, willingly removed his wig and robe when he was asked to do.

However, chaos ensued when law enforcement officers attempted to handcuff the impostor, leading to a brief scuffle.

The man willingly removed his cap and robe without resistance but struggled with a law enforcement officer when he was to be handcuffed which lead to a scuffle.

“I am hereby ordering his arrest in my court. This man is not a lawyer; he’s an impostor,” declared the Judge, his authority unwavering as he sought to restore order to the courtroom.

In a bid to ascertain the impostor’s true identity, the judge posed a series of pointed questions. “Where and when did you graduate?

“What is your name, and where is your identification card?” he demanded.

The impostor’s response was evasive, claiming to have forgotten his identification card at home.

His inability to provide concrete answers only served to deepen the suspicions surrounding his true intentions.

He was subsequently arrested and led out of the courtroom.

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