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Cholera Outbreak: Ogun Orders Households, Markets, Petrol Stations To Build Toilets


The Ogun State Government has rolled out precautionary measures aimed at preventing the spread of a cholera outbreak that started in Lagos State.

The state’s precautionary measures were meant to also ensure that the people of the state had a crisis free Eid-el-Kabir festivities.

The Special Adviser to Governor Dapo Abiodun on Media and Strategy, Kayode Akinmade, outlined the measures taken by government in a statement on Saturday.

He emphasized the urgency of these measures given Ogun State’s proximity to Lagos and the frequent interactions between the two states.

“All houses MUST have toilets. Each house without a toilet should identify a room to be converted to a toilet,” Akinmade stated.

He further mandated that “All petrol stations, garages, parks, mechanic villages, and markets MUST have functional public toilets with running water,” stressing the necessity of accessible sanitation facilities in public areas.

The statement also directed all schools, both public and private, to ensure the availability of public toilets with running water.

Residents were urged to adopt additional preventive measures such as drinking safe water, washing hands thoroughly, and cooking food properly.

Akinmade affirmed that the Ministry of Environment would rigorously enforce these measures, warning that violators would face legal consequences.

Meanwhile, Governor Abiodun has called on Muslim faithful to reflect on the teachings of Prophet Ibrahim during Eid celebrations.

He underscored the importance of spiritual devotion and selflessness, urging Muslims to prioritize their spiritual well-being and foster unity within their communities.

“This special season serves as an important reminder to all adherents for total submission to the Almighty God and the need to prioritize spiritual well-being over worldly desires,” Abiodun remarked.

He expressed his hopes that Eid would bring blessings, unity, and compassion to all residents of Ogun State, emphasizing the need for gratitude and seeking forgiveness during this auspicious period.

The Governor concluded: “May this Eid bring us closer to our Creator, foster unity and harmony within our communities, and inspire us to be beacons of compassion, generosity, and righteousness.”

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