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Finidi: Osimhen Defends Self, Curses Detractors


Super Eagles top striker and Napoli forward, Victor Osimhen, has passionately defended allegations reportedly levelled against him by outgoing Eagles coach, George Finidi.

Osimhen who shared his side on his Instagram handle also cursed his detractors heavily.

“I don’t have time for nonsense talk. A lot of people bring stupid agenda: Osimhen this, Osimhen that,” Osimhen asserted in an exclusive interview, responding to ongoing discussions surrounding his performance and conduct.

The visibly angry Eagles striker also laced his explanations with curses against his detractors saying, “Make God punish all of una wey una dey talk rubbish. Eni ku ire! (You won’t die well).”

He clarified the circumstances surrounding his recent absence from the squad, which had been a point of contention.

“I got injured in our last match against Lecce with an ankle injury at the last minute.

“Immediately, I went to Germany to seek medical attention for my child. I did an MRI because I knew something like this would happen. I have the video and the picture,” Osimhen explained, promising to provide evidence to support his claims.

Osimhen also recounted his efforts to communicate with Finidi George during his medical visit.

“While I was talking to the doctor, I called Finidi immediately. I asked a friend to record it on video as the doctor and I spoke with Finidi,” Osimhen disclosed, highlighting his commitment to transparency.

“I am not addressing anything. Let everyone believe whatever they want about me. Everybody knows that when I play, whether for club or country, I play my heart out,” Osimhen affirmed, emphasizing his dedication to the game.

Osimhen declared, “I won’t allow any disrespect from anyone because I respect people before I disrespect anyone. I won’t allow anyone to do anything that will stain my name.”

In response to allegations made by Finidi George, Osimhen maintained his resolve. “I don’t care if what Finidi said was true or not. I will post the video and screenshots,” he declared, asserting his right to defend his reputation.

“No one in this life can tell me how to live my life. Nobody! I am a grown man,” Osimhen concluded, reflecting his stance on personal integrity and resilience amidst external scrutiny.

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