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Why Osimhen’s Outburst is Not Uncalled For


Ademola James

Victor Osimhen, the dynamic forward for both Napoli and the Nigerian national team, has recently found himself at the center of controversy following a passionate outburst against allegations made by former Super Eagles coach, George Finidi.

This incident has sparked a wave of opinions, with critics quick to condemn Osimhen’s emotional response.

However, amidst the scrutiny, it’s important to consider the context and complexities that led to Osimhen’s strong reaction.

Firstly, respect is undeniably crucial in any professional setting, especially in sports where hierarchy and discipline are paramount.

As a young athlete, Osimhen understands and values the importance of respecting authority figures like coaches. After all, he said he doesn’t disrespect anyone except they disrespect him.

However, respect is a two-way street. If allegations are true that Finidi George made disparaging remarks about Osimhen before resigning, it raises valid questions about the boundaries of respect in professional relationships.

Osimhen, like any individual, has the right to defend himself against accusations that could potentially damage his reputation and integrity.

Moreover, Osimhen’s outburst can be seen as a manifestation of his dedication and passion for the game.

He has consistently shown commitment to both club and country, delivering stellar performances and representing Nigeria with pride on the international stage.

His emotional investment in his career and his team’s success is evident in his play and his desire to always give his best.

On social media, I have seen Criticism directed at Osimhen for his use of strong language during his response.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that athletes are human beings with emotions that can run high, especially when faced with unjust criticisms and personal attacks.

Osimhen’s choice of words, while passionate, reflects his frustration and determination to defend his honor amidst what he perceives as unfair scrutiny.

In his shoes, I would be angry. He got in touch with his coach as soon as he got injured. He even offered to visit the camp to motivate the boys. According to him, Finidi turned him down.

He has openly shared details about his injury and efforts to communicate with Finidi George during his medical treatment. He has also promised to share videos and screenshots. Only a confident, truthful person will go that far.

Osimhen’s outburst should not be dismissed as mere emotional volatility but understood within the broader context of his dedication to the sport and his integrity as a professional athlete.

While respect for authority is crucial, so too is the right of individuals to defend themselves against unjust accusations. Osimhen’s passionate defense reflects his commitment to upholding his reputation and standing up against perceived injustice.

As fans and observers, it’s imperative to view this incident with empathy and recognize the human complexities that underpin professional sports.

Ultimately, Osimhen’s outburst serves as a reminder of the personal and emotional stakes involved in being a high-profile athlete, navigating the pressures of performance and public scrutiny with resilience and determination.

That said, we should quickly behind us and focus on how to get the Eagles to qualify for the World Cup.

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