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Finidi Is A Legend, Apologise Or Be Banned – Ex-Eagles Goalkeeper To Osimhen


Former Nigerian international and current Super Sports pundit, Idah Peterside, has strongly condemned Victor Osimhen for his angry riposte directed at Super Eagles coach, Finidi George.

South Africa-based Peterside’s reaction was seen in a social media video published on his social media on Sunday.

Peterside, who advised Osimhen to apologise, emphasised the need for accountability and respect within the national team.

“You need to come out openly and apologize for the things you said to Finidi. Finidi George is Finidi George!!

“My goodness gracious! Finidi George is a legend,” Peterside exclaimed, clearly incensed by Osimhen’s comments.

His call for Osimhen’s apology was not only directed at the young striker but also extended to the Nigeria Football Association (NFA), urging them to take disciplinary action if necessary.

“I think action should be taken or he should be banned from playing for the national team,” Peterside asserted, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

“A national team is sacred,” he reminded, reflecting on the reverence and respect he believes should be shown to those who paved the way before them.

In Nigerian football reverence for past heroes like Finidi George is a cultural norm.

Peterside’s strong stance resonated with many fans who criticised Osimhen for disparaging the coach and cursing his alleged detractor.

Peterside also directed criticism towards the leadership of Nigerian football, urging them to enforce stricter discipline and guidance for current players.

“Those of you in leadership, NFA president, secretary-general, all those running our football at this time must show purpose,” Peterside urged.

Peterside praised the sports minister for trying to instil discipline in the team. Yet, he emphasised that more needed to be done to ensure young players understood the gravity of their public statements.

“They can’t just like that because they have smartphones, they can record themselves and have followers on social media,” he lamented.

Osimhen’s viral denunciation of the coach was in reaction to alleged remarks made by the coach blaming the striker and other senior players for Nigeria’s recent on-pitch misfortunes.

“I don’t have time for nonsense talk. A lot of people bring stupid agenda: Osimhen this, Osimhen that,” Osimhen had asserted.

“I got injured in our last match against Lecce with an ankle injury at the last minute. Immediately, I went to Germany to seek medical attention for my child. I did an MRI because I knew something like this would happen. I have the video and the picture.

“I am not addressing anything. Let everyone believe whatever they want about me. Everybody knows that when I play, whether for club or country, I play my heart out,” Osimhen affirmed, emphasizing his dedication to the game.

 “I won’t allow any disrespect from anyone because I respect people before I disrespect anyone. I won’t allow anyone to do anything that will stain my name.”

The visibly angry Eagles striker also laced his explanations with curses against his detractors saying, “Make God punish all of una wey una dey talk rubbish. Eni ku ire! (You won’t die well).”

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