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$1.8bn China Loan: Ganduje Ex-Aide, Dawisu Disputes Emir Sanusi’s Claims


Salisu Yakasai, popularly known as Dawisu, former special adviser on media to ex-Kano state governor Abdullahi Ganduje, has contested allegations made by the reinstated Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Lamido Sanusi, regarding the proposed $1.8bn China loan for the Kano rail project.

Dawisu’s rebuttal, made via his official social media handle, counters Emir Sanusi’s assertions about the handling and advisement of the controversial loan.

In response to Emir Sanusi’s recent statements opposing the 2015-2023 Ganduje administration’s efforts to secure a loan for constructing a 75-kilometre rail in Kano, Dawisu clarified the sequence of events.

Emir Sanusi claimed to have publicly intervened in 2017 to prevent what he described as a potentially disastrous financial commitment for the state.

Dawisu refuted these claims, stating, “Contrary to the allegations, Sanusi never privately advised Ganduje against the project. There was no private counsel given regarding the loan.”

He recounted a phone conversation with Emir Sanusi after a public speech where Sanusi criticized the project.

“I watched the video myself and knew exactly what he said,” Dawisu stated, adding that despite Sanusi’s attempt to clarify his remarks, no private advisory was extended to Ganduje.

Dawisu emphasized Ganduje’s open-door policy towards Sanusi, noting that the former governor always welcomed discussions and engagements with the Emir.

“Whenever Sanusi needed to see Ganduje, the governor offered to visit the palace, and vice versa,” Dawisu affirmed.

The dispute over the rail project and its financing underscores longstanding tensions between the Kano state administration and Emir Sanusi, who was deposed in 2020 by Ganduje’s government but recently reinstated under new leadership.

The conflicting narratives between Dawisu and Emir Sanusi highlight the complexity of governance and policy decisions in Nigeria’s political landscape, particularly regarding major infrastructure projects and financial management.

The ongoing debate over the $1.8bn China loan continues to raise questions about transparency, accountability, and the impact of such financial commitments on Kano state’s economic future.

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