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How I Relocated To US, Became American Citizen – Adewale Ayuba


Fuji legend, Adewale Ayuba, popularly known as Mr Johnson, has opened up about his decision to relocate to America and how he became a US citizen.

In an interview on comedian, Teju Babyface’s podcast, Ayuba explained his journey, which began in 1995 when he and his band initially travelled to America for a summer show.

Ayuba, famous for hit albums like ‘Bubble’ and ‘Ijo Fuji’, revealed that their stay in America extended unexpectedly due to political tensions back home.

He recounted, “We came to America for about three months and then returned to Nigeria. Before we left Nigeria, we recorded an album asking the government to release all the political detainees, particularly the late Moshood Abiola.

“So, I received a call from Abuja saying that the late Sani Abacha was looking for me.”

The singer shared that threats from the Nigerian government at the time prevented his return home immediately after the show.

He reflected on his time in America, saying, “The three years I stayed in America were by the grace of God. When I was in America, I realized there was more to explore in life.”

During his stay in the United States, Ayuba pursued education and eventually became a citizen.

He mentioned, “I enrolled in school. That’s where I met my wife. After that, I partook in a lot of activities.

“From there, I completed my documentation and became an American citizen. So, I’m already a citizen of this country. It’s part and parcel of me.”

Addressing rumours about his life in America, including working at a gas station or facing arrest, Ayuba dismissed them.

Following Sani Abacha’s death, Ayuba returned to Nigeria briefly to perform but found himself considering new career paths.

“I don’t see myself continuing in Fuji music; I believe I have done well, and this is America; there’s more to explore in life, trusting that God has a plan.”

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