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Recruitment Squabble: Police Union Urges Tinubu to Fire IGP Egbetokun


The Joint Union Congress of the Police Service Commission has called on President Bola Tinubu to dismiss Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kayode Egbetokun, following a contentious dispute over the 2022 Police Constable recruitment list.

The Union alleges corruption and irregularities in the recruitment process, prompting their demand for immediate action against the IGP.

Led by chairman Adoyi Adoyi, the Union accused elements within the Police Force of attempting to improperly insert over 1,000 names into the recruitment list, describing it as a serious breach undermining the credibility of the entire exercise.

Adoyi emphasized the gravity of the situation in a press briefing, likening the IGP’s actions to those of biblical Haman who sought to deceive his superior.

“The IGP’s misleading of the President could lead to chaos and confusion, which contradicts his duty as a police officer,” Adoyi stated.

He criticized the IGP for neglecting official communication channels and accused the police leadership of irresponsibility in handling the allegations.

In response to the Union’s allegations, the IGP had publicly raised concerns over irregularities in the recruitment process, highlighting discrepancies such as the inclusion of unqualified candidates and individuals who did not participate in required assessments.

The police have since disavowed the published list and called for a transparent review.

“The Police cannot afford to compromise on recruitment standards, as it impacts the effectiveness and credibility of law enforcement,” the IGP stated, cautioning against repercussions from hiring inadequately trained personnel.

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