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Fubara Denies Fighting Anybody, Alleges Plot to Destabilise Rivers


Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, has addressed concerns regarding recent protests and security threats during a visit by the Senate Committee on Privatisation and Commercialisation.

The Governor vehemently denied accusations of engaging in conflict but instead accused unnamed adversaries of orchestrating destabilization attempts against the state.

The governor spoke at Government House in Port Harcourt on Wednesday. He clarified his stance on recent developments that have gripped the region, including a failed bombing attempt near Hotel Presidential in Port Harcourt.

“It is imperative to clarify that we are not fighting anyone. What we are doing is defending ourselves and safeguarding the interests of Rivers State against external threats,” Governor Fubara asserted, addressing the delegation led by Senator Orji Uzo Kalu.

The state has been embroiled in political tensions exacerbated by protests and security incidents.

The failed bombing attempt near Hotel Presidential in Port Harcourt intensified concerns over political stability and safety, prompting the government to assert his administration’s commitment to defending the state’s sovereignty.

The state has also been gripped by recent protests demanding tenure extensions for former local government chairmen.

The governor attributed the recent unrest to hired protesters allegedly incited to demand tenure extensions for former local government chairmen, a move he condemned as unlawful and disruptive to governance norms.

“The recent attempt to detonate explosives near Hotel Presidential was a deliberate act aimed at creating chaos and providing a pretext for calls for a state of emergency,” Governor Fubara claimed.

“This was a clear ploy by those who seek to undermine our administration and destabilize our state.”

Fubara further expressed dismay over what he perceived as selective enforcement of the law and judicial decisions, suggesting a bias against Rivers State in national governance matters.

“Why should the law remain silent when it comes to issues affecting Rivers State?

“Is there someone or something larger than our national constitution?” Governor Fubara queried, urging transparency and equity in legal proceedings.

In response to concerns raised by the Senate committee regarding privatization and commercialization of public assets, Governor Fubara emphasized the state’s interest in securing stakes in relevant ventures to ensure local control and economic viability.

“I appeal to the committee to consider Rivers State’s stake in any privatization efforts. We must protect our assets and ensure they contribute to our state’s economic development,” Governor Fubara urged.

Senator Orji Uzo Kalu, acknowledging the challenges faced by Governor Fubara’s administration, commended his commitment to peace and governance amidst adversity.

“We recognize Governor Fubara’s efforts in maintaining peace and advancing development in Rivers State.

“It is crucial for all stakeholders to prioritize peace and uphold the rule of law,” Senator Kalu affirmed.

The visit concluded with assurances of collaboration between the Senate Committee on Privatisation and Commercialisation and the Rivers State Government to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for all Nigerians.

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