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NewsFlash: Ex-Konga CEO, Imudia, Reportedly Commits Suicide


Nick Imudia, a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Konga and current CEO of D.light, reportedly took his own life at his residence in Lekki, Lagos.

News of his death was first reported by Nigerian digital publisher, The Will.

The news of Imudia’s suicide, which occurred on the night of Tuesday, June 25, has left colleagues, friends, and family grappling with profound sadness and unanswered questions.

According to The Will, Imudia tragically ended his life by jumping from the balcony of his apartment.

Prior to this devastating act, Imudia reportedly made calls—one to his brother based in the United States, instructing him on the distribution of his wealth in the event of his death, and another to his young daughter from a previous relationship, assuring her of his eternal presence.

The news has sent shockwaves through social media, with an outpouring of condolences and reflections on the importance of mental health:

@echoeofself (North Star) highlighted the criticality of mental health awareness: “Building mental health is more important than anything else. Mental health doesn’t know rich or poor. And that’s what leads to suic!de, when a person starts feeling his life is not worth living anymore, there is a shift already in the mind. This is beyond the financial problem.”

@Cassius90372908 (Herr Ludwig Hess) urged for a thorough investigation into Imudia’s death: “Let the detectives investigate the matter well. There must be a person with interest in his death. Check those who are supposed to inherit fortunes from him, business associates, etc.”

Nick Imudia, originally from the Ika South local government area of Delta State, had a distinguished career in the technology and corporate sectors.

Before assuming leadership roles at Konga and D.light, he served as a regional director at TCL/Alcatel and held the position of GM/MD for West and Central Africa at Microsoft Device and Services.

Imudia’s tenure at Konga, which he joined in 2018 following its acquisition from South African and Swedish investors, was marked by transformative leadership.

Alongside co-CEO Prince Ekeh, he spearheaded initiatives that revitalized Konga from near insolvency to profitability.

Their efforts culminated in the establishment of Konga as Nigeria’s leading e-commerce brand, pioneering innovations such as KongaPay and Konga Logistics.

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