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At Long Last: Facebook Monetisation Kicks Off in Nigeria


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has unveiled expanded monetisation opportunities for Nigerian content creators.

The long-awaited news was met with much excitement by the creative community, paving the way for them to earn revenue directly from their content on par with global standards.

The news has been met with enthusiastic responses across social media platforms, where creators have expressed gratitude for the chance to monetize their talent effectively.

Many see this as not just a financial boost but also a validation of their hard work and creativity.

“So, great news! Facebook has enabled monetisation for Nigeria. This opens up big side income opportunities for content creators. Also, note that the FG will benefit as Facebook requires our Tax details,” Blessing Enahoro Akhere tweeting as @Enahoro24, said.

Vibereports tweeting as @Vibereports enthused, “CONGRATULATIONS!!! Nigeria can now monetize on Facebook. Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg! Congratulations to all Nigerian content creators. Wishing you all the best.”

@YahayaHabibu8, who decscribed the development as “good news for content creators in Nigeria” said, “With Facebook monetisation now available, creators can earn revenue from ads on their content, boosting their income and encouraging more high-quality content creation.”

While the announcement has been widely celebrated, concerns about tax implications have also surfaced.

Nigerian authorities are expected to introduce measures to ensure creators fulfill their tax obligations on earnings from these platforms. The specifics of these tax regulations are yet to be detailed.

Meta’s decision to extend monetisation features to Nigeria reflects its broader commitment to supporting creators worldwide.

Earlier commitments made during Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg’s visit to Nigeria in March emphasised the company’s dedication to empowering local creators and expanding economic opportunities in digital spaces.

“This move underscores Meta’s belief in the potential of Nigeria’s creative economy,” stated Clegg during his visit. “We are excited to see Nigerian creators thrive and succeed on our platforms.”

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