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VeryDarkMan Rearrested for Exposing Alleged Scammer, Lawyer Claims


Martins Vincent Otse, popularly known as VeryDarkMan (VDM), has been rearrested by the police according to his lawyer, Deji Adeyanju.

The lawyer revealed on Sunday that VDM was apprehended for exposing an individual accused of defrauding a Nigerian residing abroad.

In a statement posted on his social media account, Adeyanju stated, “Our client, @thatverydarkman has just been arrested by the police on the instruction of CP Igwe for exposing someone who allegedly duped a Nigerian abroad.

“Instead of the police to arrest the person alleged to have duped someone, they arrested VDM on allegation of defamation.”

The arrest reportedly came under the directive of Commissioner of Police Benneth Igwe of the Federal Capital Territory Police Command.

VDM had recently been granted bail by a Federal High Court in Abuja on charges related to cyberstalking.

He was subsequently released after meeting the conditions of his bail.

Meteor had earlier reported how Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti voiced his support for the controversial social media activist following an ultimatum issued by music executive Paul Okoye, also known as Paulo.

In a video message shared on his Instagram account, Kuti addressed the issue, asserting his independence.

The controversy arose after Paulo called on associates, including Kuti, to distance themselves from VDM.

This call came in response to VDM’s recent social media activity, including claims involving actress Iyabo Ojo and her attendance at a celebrity wedding.

Paulo is known to be in a romantic relationship with Ojo.

“I have a good relationship with Paulo,” Kuti acknowledged in the video, “but that doesn’t give him the right to order me publicly.”

“Even if Paulo has helped me, he can’t order me publicly. If he had called me on the phone, I would probably have cut ties with VDM by now. Because I don’t know how much the beef is worth to him.”

He expressed that a private conversation might have led him to reconsider his association with VDM. However, Kuti emphasised his belief in VDM’s role as a necessary figure in societal critique.

“For me, VeryDarkMan is a necessity,” Kuti asserted. “He can confront personal issues that I don’t know how to.

“VeryDarkMan mobilizes people against those who enable corrupt politicians, those with the spirit of politicians who use their influence to oppress the powerless.”

Recently, VeryDarkMan was in the news again after launching a scathing critique against popular influencer Ashmusy, accusing her of mishandling a one-million Naira payment meant for advertising services.

In a recent video posted online, VDM presented evidence in the form of a payment receipt, alleging that Ashmusy failed to fulfill her advertising obligations to a small businessman after receiving the payment.

Ashmusy initially agreed to promote the businessman’s products or services but encountered logistical issues with the advertisement shoot location.

She purportedly proposed an additional payment of five hundred thousand Naira to proceed with the advertisement.

When the businessman requested a refund due to non-delivery of services, Ashmusy reportedly assured him that her manager would process the refund within six weeks.

However, despite reminders from the businessman, Ashmusy allegedly did not return the money as promised.

In subsequent communications, she reportedly nonchalantly mentioned that the funds had been spent and dismissively suggested that involving the police would only enhance her publicity, as she claimed to be out of the country and immune to arrest.

In response to these allegations, VDM issued a stern warning, demanding that Ashmusy promptly refund the one-million Naira to the small businessman.

He criticised her actions, accusing her of withholding money from a struggling business and highlighting how influencers often prioritise collaborations with major brands over their commitments to smaller enterprises.

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