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Suicide Bomb: Atiku Rues Terrorism Resurgence in North-East, Blames Tinubu


Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has expressed deep concern over the resurgence of terrorist activities in North-East Nigeria, following reported suicide bombings at multiple locations over the weekend.

In a statement on social media, Atiku Abubakar condemned the attacks, which targeted a wedding reception, funeral procession, and hospital, calling them “ugly incidents” that highlight a troubling trend of escalating violence in the region.

“It is a sad development that the ugly incidents of terrorism are resurfacing and, indeed, metastasising in the North-East,” Atiku Abubakar wrote.

He criticised what he described as the government’s “lacklustre posture” in combating terrorism, suggesting that recent gains against Boko Haram are being undermined by insufficient action on the part of federal authorities.

He said, “It is unfortunate that much of the pushback that had been achieved against the Boko Haram terror sect is being cancelled, owing mainly to the government’s lacklustre posture to hold firmly on the frontline.

“It is thus important to call on the federal authorities to wake up to their responsibility and to make sure that the North-East does not slide back into a theatre of terrorism and extreme violence.”

Atiku Abubakar urged the federal government to prioritise security efforts and prevent the North-East from regressing into a hotbed of terrorism and extreme violence.

“My condolences go to the families of victims of these attacks, and it is my prayer that God grants a peaceful repose to the souls of the departed,” Atiku Abubakar concluded.

Following Atiku Abubakar’s statement, social media users shared varied perspectives on the situation:

  • Felix Emeka @felimek: Suicide bombing really reduced during the Buhari regime and we were glad. Why are they resuming it now? Don’t forget during Jonathan’s regime, bombing was the order of the day. I just hope they are not using it to cause chaos so as to make a case for a northern presidency in 2027. Anyway, I am not a fan of Tinubu..
  • Kerekebina Willie @kerekebina94643: In Jonathan’s regime, some Northern and Southern politicians sponsored insecurity to discredit the administration and drove their point home to unseat him, they achieved it, same is trying to repeat itself. Too sad as a country to back this same lane of the past.
  • Anas Sani Safana @anas_safana: Don’t be so myopic brother. Its resurgence might not be unconnected to the negligence of the present administration. Not about sectionalisation or ethnicity.
  • Young Peter Chimex @YChimezie29863: People who use the lives of their people to play politics. I’m not a fan of Tinubu but anybody calling him on this issue is insane because Shettima promised us to be in charge of security.
  • Dr Mic @sukodingha: The resurgence and metastasis of terrorism in the Northeast is deeply troubling. The recent attacks by suicide bombers at a wedding reception, a funeral procession, and a hospital on Saturday are reprehensible. It is disheartening that the progress made against Boko Haram is being undone due to the government’s lack of decisive action. The federal authorities must urgently address this to prevent the North-East from becoming a hotspot of terrorism and violence again. My heartfelt condolences go to the families of the victims, and I pray for the peaceful repose of the departed souls.

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