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Band A Customers To Pay More As DisCos Raise Electricity Tariffs


Electricity distribution companies (DisCos) have announced a tariff hike for Band A customers, effective July 1, according to statements posted on their official social media handles. 

The increase will see customers in Band A pay N209.5 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), up from N206.80/kWh previously.

The decision impacts consumers serviced by various DisCos across the nation, including Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Plc (PHED), Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (Kaduna Electric) and Ikeja Electricity (IE).

The tariff adjustment aligns with the revised 2024 Multi-Year Tariff Order (MYTO), approved by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). 

This marks the second adjustment in tariffs this year, following a previous increase authorised by NERC in April. 

Initially, the commission had approved a significant hike raising tariffs to N225/kWh, prompting public outcry. 

However, subsequent adjustments in May saw a slight reduction to N206.80/kWh before the latest increase.

The revisions have sparked mixed reactions among Nigerians, with some expressing concern over the impact on household budgets amidst prevailing economic challenges. 

DisCos, meanwhile, continues to cite operational costs and regulatory approvals as factors necessitating the tariff adjustments.

Meteor Nigeria has compiled the statements issued by each DISCO and our readers would find them below.

Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company:  “Dear esteemed customers, the management of Kaduna Electric informs the public of an upward review in the tariff of Band A feeders from N206.80/kWh to N209.5/kWh. 

“The review is effective from 1st July 2024 and affects prepaid and postpaid customers. Kaduna Electric assures customers on its Band A feeders of the continued availability of 20-24 hrs daily as stipulated in the service-based tariff regime”.  

“Effective immediately, the tariff will be adjusted from N206.80/kWh to N209.50/kWh. 

“This review has been duly approved by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) as captured in the mIn April, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) ordered the immediate upward review of electricity tariffs. multi-year tariff supplementary order.”

Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution: “Dear esteemed customers, Please be informed that there is an upward tariff review for our Band A feeders from N206.80/kWh to N209.5/kwh effective 1st July 2024

“The guaranteed availability of a minimum of 20 hrs per day still stands. 

“The tariff for Bands B, C, D, and E remains unchanged.”  

Ikeja Electric: “Kindly note the review in tariff of Band “A” feeders from N206.80/kWh to N209.5/kWh effective 1st July 2024 in line with the service-based tariff regime.

“The tariff for Bands B, C, D and E remains unchanged.

“Our customers can rest assured that this development will further sustain the improved service delivery currently being experienced across all Feeder Bands within the Ikeja Electric network.”

Kano Electricity Distribution Company: “This is to inform our esteemed customers on Band A, of a slight upward review in their tariff, from N206.80/kWh to N209.5/kWh.

“The review is effective from 1st July 2024 and affects all customers on Band A feeders.

“We assure all Band A customers of our continued commitment to supply them with a minimum of 20hrs supply, in a safe and reliable manner.

“While tariffs for Bands B, C, D, and E remain unchanged, we remain steadfast in our drive to serve all our customers efficiently.”

Yola Electricity Distribution Company: “The Management of Yola Electricity Distribution Company wishes to inform our esteemed customers about an upward tariff review for Band A feeders, from 206.80/kWh to 209.50/kWh. 

“This change is effective from 1st July 2024 and will apply to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

“YEDC assures our Band A customers of continued 20-24 hours daily supply, while services for Bands C, B, and E remain unchanged.”

Eko Electricity Distribution Company: “Kindly be informed that there has been an upward review in the Band A tariff rate from N206.80 to N209.50kW/h. This review is effective July 1, 2024.

“Rest assured of our commitment to maintaining the guaranteed 20-hours minimum power supply in line with the Service Based Tariff.”

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