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Enjoy Your Pension, Don’t Spend It On Your Children, Church – Sanwo-Olu Counsels Pensioners


Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, on Thursday, delivered a telling message to pensioners who worked as staff of the Lagos State Government, urging financial prudence and caution against familial and fraudulent pressures.

The governor spoke at a special held on Thursday in Lagos, to mark the offsetting of all pension liabilities owed by the state government.

The state government paid a total of ₦4.46billion to 2,000 retirees. Earlier in February, Lagos had paid ₦3.1 billion to 1,013 retirees.

Addressing a gathering of pensioners at the event, Sanwo-Olu began by congratulating them on finally receiving their pensions, emphasising that the money was theirs to spend as they saw fit.

He said, “I am happy that God gave you the grace to receive the money, spend it the way you like,” he remarked warmly.

Photograph: Sanwo Olu/

However, the governor quickly transitioned into a cautionary tone, advising against using their newfound funds to solve all family financial issues.

He said, “Don’t use your money to solve all the family problems. No, please, don’t let any child come and say because we saw you on television, you have collected your pension money, come and pay my house rent, no!!

“It’s about you, what you have planned and what you have worked for.  You gave birth to them and you have served them, they should leave you alone. The remaining days of your life shall be long. They should leave you alone!!”

“No child should come and be threatening you with their family’s financial burdens. Your daughter should go to her husband’s house and settle her financial problem and your son too go home and settle his problem.

“Don’t allow your grandchildren you dictate how you should spend your money, it’s your money and you worked for it.”

Governor Sanwo-Olu stressed the importance of retirees maintaining control over their finances, urging them not to succumb to emotional manipulation from family members seeking financial assistance.

He said, “Your daughter should go to her husband’s house and settle her financial problems, and your son should go home and do the same,” He emphasised that retirees should prioritize their own needs and desires.

He also cautioned against overcommitting finances to religious donations, appealing to pensioners to exercise restraint when making pledges at churches or mosques.

” Also don’t pledge all your money in church or mosque, I am appealing to you in the name of God.  Don’t come out in the church and pledge three million when they are sourcing money to plaster the church building, use your senses,” he advised.

Furthermore, the governor warned against financial scams and fraudulent schemes targeting vulnerable retirees.

“Don’t double your money for anybody, it’s simply fraud—419. Don’t let them swindle you, spend your money little by little,” he cautioned, urging vigilance and prudence in financial matters.

Throughout his address, Governor Sanwo-Olu reiterated his wish for retirees to enjoy their retirement years in peace and comfort, free from undue financial stress or manipulation.

“The remaining days of your life shall be long. They should leave you alone!!” he declared emphatically, drawing applause from the audience.

The governor revealed that his administration had disbursed ₦68billion to Retirement Savings Accounts (RSAs) across various sectors including Mainstream, Local Government, SUBEB, TESCOM, and other State Government parastatals.

He added that “effective immediately”, retirees from the Lagos State civil service will receive their full pension benefits and gratuity promptly after retirement.

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