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Random Luck: Tinubu’s Aide Reaches Out To Abuja Home Farmer After Video Plea


An aide to the wife of President Bola Tinubu reached out to a small-time farmer who made a direct plea to the first lady, Remi Tinubu, on July 4, 2024.

The media aide to the first lady, Busola Kukoyi, on Friday, messaged Aishat Idachaba on, saying, “Hello Aishat, please do a 30s video and attach your details: name, location and address to it and take it to the office of the Mandate Secretary for the FCT, Office of the FCT minister, Abuja. Thank you and well done.”

Idachaba, through her account on, @idachaba_aishat, had tagged the first lady’s account and begged her to facilitate her participation in the Every Home A Garden Competition.

She had written, “Dear Mummy@SenRemiTinubu, I pray you see this🙏I’m a first-time farmer resident in the FCT.

“I’ve explored various means to submit my entry for the Every Home A Garden Competition without success so I decided to try here🫣.”

Idachaba in a 31-second video introduced herself as a subsistence home farmer and also shared proof of plants that she grew.

“Hello Good morning, my name is Aisha let me through my home garden. Here, we have tomato and pepper coming up already.

“Here, we have okro all the way down there. We have corn here, all this way to this side and we have our groundnut,” she said, as she walked through the small garden pointing at each plant.

According to her tweets, she rears snails and plants corn, tomatoes, pumpkin leaves, okra, groundnuts, yam, water leaf, scent leaf, jute leaf and vegetables.

In a follow-up tweet, she explained, “I began harvesting the first part of the corn to feed my family and a neighbour.

“Your Excellency Ma, I hope that you see this and give my humble entry a favourable consideration as I look to further embrace this Renewed Hope Initiative (RHI) of your Esteem Office.”

Following the tweet from the first lady’s office, an elated Idachaba responded: “Noted Ma. Will be making my submission at the office next week God’s willing. Thank you so much for the response and God bless.

“We are getting there!! Thanks everyone for your support and push. The goal is to inspire and push more women to attain self-sufficiency through farming and I’m glad we’re getting there. Love you all”

The first lady’s Renewed Hope Initiative, launched the ‘Every Home a Garden’ competition shortly after her husband came into office, offering a star prize to the winner.

The competition aims to encourage women across Nigeria to plant gardens at home, promoting self-sufficiency and community support through food production.

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