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Return Stolen Sallah Gifts Or Face Sanctions – Sokoto Gov Warns LG Officials


Governor Ahmad Aliyu Sokoto of Sokoto State has issued a stern warning to Local Government Council and Local Government Education Authority officials who allegedly misappropriated Sallah gifts meant for workers.

In a post on, on Sunday, Governor Sokoto expressed dismay over reports that some individuals had tampered with the N30,000 Sallah gifts intended to support state workers during the festive season.

The governor said, “I have issued a warning to LGAs and Local Government Education Authority officials who tampered with the N30,000 Sallah gifts given to the workers in the state to return the diverted funds or face serious consequences.

It is disheartening that some individuals would deny our workers the stipends we provided to support them financially during the Sallah festive season.

Those responsible for diverting the funds must return them immediately, or we will take severe punitive measures against them.

We will ensure that the culprits face the consequences of their actions to deter others from engaging in such corrupt practices.”

The governor emphasised the importance of accountability and transparency in public funds management, stressing that those responsible for diverting the funds must return them immediately.

He warned of severe punitive measures if the diverted funds were not returned promptly.

“We will ensure that the culprits face the consequences of their actions to deter others from engaging in such corrupt practices,” Sokoto asserted, highlighting his administration’s commitment to upholding zero tolerance for corruption.

The governor called on heads of agencies where misappropriation occurred to compile lists of affected workers and facilitate the immediate refund of diverted funds.

He reiterated his administration’s dedication to prudent financial management for the benefit of all citizens, pledging to uphold transparency and accountability in governance.

 “I urge all heads of agencies where such corruption occurred to promptly compile the list of affected workers and ensure they are refunded.

“This administration remains committed to upholding accountability, transparency, and the prudent management of public funds for the benefit of all citizens.

“We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and any form of corrupt behaviour. Those who attempt to embezzle public funds will face the full force of the law. It is imperative that we diligently carry out our responsibilities without fear or favour.”

Sokoto urged the people of Sokoto State to remain supportive of his administration’s efforts to deliver on its promises of progress and development.

He thanked the populace for their unwavering support and encouraged them to maintain vigilance in promoting good governance and accountability.

The governor’s statement has sparked reactions on social media platforms, with Nigerians expressing a mix of support for the governor’s stance against corruption and frustration over the reported misappropriation of public funds.

Many social media users commended Sokoto for taking decisive action to address financial misconduct, while others called for thorough investigations and stringent penalties for those found guilty.


Dr. Adamu Garba Zango@DrAdamuGZango: Are some local government education employees still paid their salaries in cash in this fintech age?! Haba!!! This is not good enough for the image and governance standing of Sokoto state your Excellency. I suggest opening a savings account for each employee in the state sir.

Nom, PreNoms@saadusalihu: Thank you, sir, however, there is an issue that requires urgent attention, the NELFUND program just announced the inclusion of state tertiary institutions into the scheme and None of the state universities were listed.

Mustapha Muktar Sani@Mustapha_msani: Pay us our six months palliative, before you can think of punishing any other government officials. You need to set an example with yourself, change begins with me…

Abdullahi Sani Sarki Masanawa@abdullsarki: It’s a major setback for the official responsible for that misconduct and Injustice. I hail the governor’s for his bold steps in tackling the corruption. Keep it up!

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