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Slap Him! Slap Him Very Well: Gov Under Fire For Ordering Aide To Slap Cleric


The Governor of Niger State, Mohammed Bago, is under fire after he was seen in a now-viral video clip ordering a member of his security detail to slap a man at a public gathering.

The video which made the rounds of Nigerian social media has outraged Nigerians with many condemning the action of the governor in strong terms.

Reports say the incident happened at the Fidau prayer for the wife of the Niger State Deputy Governor, Hajiya Zainab Yakubu Garba.

Graba died after a brief illness in Minna on Monday.

In the video, the governor, dressed in white babanriga, was making a speech when the incident happened.

He said, “We can all pray for the repose of the deceased from mosques within our areas. May Allah forgive her shortcomings and grant her eternal peace, so let’s get a cleric to pray for us.” 

At some point, he asked for a cleric to offer prayers.

At this point, an unnamed youngish-looking man came out of the crowd, apparently to offer the prayers.

On sighting him, the governor screamed in Hausa, “Did I talk to you? Are you an Imam?” 

He then ordered the security agents in his detail to sleep the person.

“Slap him, I say slap him very well. Oya, go and arrest him, deal with him very well, and bring him back”.

“Everybody should be careful with me because I can be sweet and bitter at the same time,” the governor said amidst cheers and applause from the sympathisers who were seated.

As the governor was speaking, a security man moved close to the person who stepped out to pray and dragged him out.

The governor who appears to have a penchant for courting controversies had also threatened another citizen in May.

A video which captured the moment, during a state event a local government also surfaced on the Internet hours after the governor’s latest episode. 

The governor claimed someone in the crowd disrupted his speech.  

“You are very stupid… I will get you arrested if you misbehave further,” the governor said in the video.

Nigerians who watched the video were left outraged by the action of the governor.

Meteor has aggregated some of the comments below.

ỌMỌ9JA@OMO_9JA: I expect the police to have announced the commencement of investigation into the assault case. The Niger State House of Assembly should already be considering impeachment proceedings. Actions must have consequences, what will Nigeria become if we allow our governors to abuse power like this? This is an opportunity to curb this age-old practice of oppression. It is not about Bago, he is just the one we caught.

Dr. Kem@Dr_Kemkanma: Absolutely appalling behaviour from the Niger State Governor, Bago. No public official should ever abuse their power in such a manner. Ordering security personnel to assault anyone is unacceptable, regardless of the circumstances. There should be consequences for such actions.

 Muhammad Lawal@Yelo_Baba: A trending video of Governor Bago telling his security to slap someone and also deal with him for reasons best known to him. It’s disgusting and wrong in all ramifications. Leaders must learn to exercise restraint.

 Nasrullah☪︎@maji_isah: We watched the video and saw what happened. What clarification do we need to seek? People we know who support Bago more than you do had the decency not to even bring this issue here. Do yourself a favour and rest. You’re a mere SA on a payroll.

Tsadu Shettima@shettima_tsadu: You all don’t even know the story behind what happened. A mere video of my governor came out and you guys did not even bother to seek clarification about it. Then this is Twitter where you are all just after someone’s downfall. That guy wasn’t even beaten neither was he a mallam! The said guy is Bago’s person too. To point it out straight, the governor asked for a mallam and knowing that the guy isn’t a Mallam he identified as one was why the governor did that. So, he would know that not everything should be taken for granted.

Usman Zannah@UsmanZannaah: I can’t believe what my eyes just watched, a clip where Governor Bago of Niger State ordered a DSS officer to slap and arrest someone for further humiliation. When I say we’re being governed by despots masquerading as democrats, this is what I mean.

Pullo@Bilyaminu: That Gov. Bago video ordering security to slap & arrest someone is disgusting. If he had state police, Bago would order everyone to bow before him.

Al’ameen@A__yabo: I am a fan of what Governor Bago is doing for Niger State and agriculture but he’s wrong for publicly ordering DSS to slap a cleric. You can’t just be harassing citizens because you are a governor, he should apologize and compensate the victim.

BLÅK JËWEL@A_RWAC: I don’t blame him, I blame all the people who could not stand up for justice. I blame all the people who laughed at his actions. Evil only exists when people turn a blind eye.

Iruefi XXL@IruefiNG: A governor ordered a DSS officer to assault a citizen. This is what our law enforcement officers have reduced themselves to; mere puppets & instruments of oppression in the hands of politicians. Now imagine the ones not captured on camera. What a pity!

IamEri’Oluwa@IamEriOluwa: The most painful part of this horror movie is the laughter that ushered the cleric to the slaughterhouse. They laughed because they felt they belonged to an elite club. In the same way many of these “arije-nidi-ibajes” laugh daily when we talk about the ineptitude of these (leaders).

VINTAGE@Na2iVe: You just bully and oppress someone and then you proceed to prayer. God is really patient and truly.

YaYa Abba@Maxajee: I see no cause for alarm here… the man was parading himself as a sheikh which he’s not. The governor was just merely disciplining him. Next time, he won’t call himself a cleric again. He has since been released.

Daniel Regha@DanielRegha:

Arewa community needs to call this out, this isn’t a show of leadership & a governor has no right whatsoever to assault a cleric. Imagine him going to prayers immediately after committing a despicable crime.

Dapsy𓃵@symplyDAPO:This is crazy.

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