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Mompha Slams EFCC as ‘Most Useless Agency’; Agency Challenges Him to Prove Claims


Popular businessman Ismaila Mustapha, widely known as Mompha, has sparked controversy with scathing remarks against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), labelling the agency as “useless” and corrupt.

His comments come amidst an ongoing trial where he faces charges of money laundering and other financial crimes.

The EFCC, responding to Mompha’s allegations, condemned his statements as baseless and aimed at undermining the agency’s integrity.

According to Dele Oyewale, Head of Media & Publicity for the EFCC, Mompha’s accusations lack substantiation and appear to be a desperate attempt to divert attention from his legal troubles.

“The claims made by Ismaila Mustapha strike at the core of our commitment to integrity,” Oyewale stated. “He is currently facing serious charges related to money laundering and other unlawful activities, and his resort to making unfounded accusations against the EFCC is clearly a tactic to distract from the facts of his case.”

Mompha, who became famous for his lavish lifestyle on social media, has been on trial since January 2022 alongside his company, Ismalob Global Investment Limited.

The recent trial proceedings included testimony from an EFCC investigator detailing the discovery of N35 billion in bank accounts linked to the defendant.

In response to Mompha’s criticism, the EFCC has challenged him to provide concrete evidence to support his allegations of corruption within the agency.

Oyewale said, “The Commission is alarmed that the accused will abandon the platform offered by the court to launch a media war against it through spurious claims.

“If he believes that raising phantom accusations against the Commission will scare it from diligently prosecuting his case, he is mistaken as no amount of scaremongering will deter the Commission from pursuing the case to a logical conclusion.”

The Commission stressed its determination to pursue the case against Mompha rigorously, unaffected by what it described as his attempts to undermine its reputation.

“The EFCC remains resolute in its duty to combat financial crimes and uphold the rule of law,” Oyewale asserted. “Mompha’s unsubstantiated claims will not deter us from ensuring justice is served.”

Furthermore, the EFCC disclosed that its Executive Chairman, Mr Ola Olukoyede, has instructed Mompha to present evidence supporting his accusations or face legal consequences for his defamatory remarks.

He said, “To this end, the Executive Chairman of the EFCC, Mr. Ola Olukoyede has directed that Mompha be invited to bring clasping evidence of any issue of corruption against any staff of the Commission.

“Besides, the socialite should also justify his labelling of the EFCC as a “useless agency” with evidential proof.

“As a responsible law enforcement agency, the EFCC would not sit back and allow libellous effusions against its reputation to go unchallenged.

“Mompha, to all intents and purposes, cannot be expected to paint the EFCC in bright colours owing to the professional ways officers of the Commission are handling his matter. The EFCC would not be distracted from playing its job by the antics of traducers like Mompha.”

The agency warned the public against being swayed by Mompha’s statements, urging them to focus on the ongoing legal process.

“As a responsible law enforcement agency, we will not allow baseless attacks on our credibility to go unchallenged,” Oyewale concluded. “Mompha’s actions should be viewed in the context of his pending trial, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to the principles of justice and accountability.”

The trial of Ismaila Mustapha continues, with the EFCC adamant about presenting all relevant evidence in court to substantiate the charges against him and his company.

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