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Police Arrest Man Who Climbed Abuja Mast To Protest Hunger, Insecurity


A man identified as Shuaibu Yusuf who climbed a broadcast mast belonging to Aso Radio and Television in Abuja on Monday was arrested by the police after he was persuaded to return to the ground.

A statement issued by the spokesperson for the Federal Capital Police Command, SP Josephine Adeh Anipr, on Monday, said the man had been arrested for attempted suicide.

The statement issued on says, “Following a distress call from concerned citizens about a young man who climbed a very high mast with a placard at Aso Radio in Katampe at about 09:10 a.m, the operatives of the FCT Police Command swiftly mobilized to the location.

“With much professional persuasion from the police operatives, the man later identified as Shuaibu Alhaji Yushau was prevented from taking his own life.

“He claimed to have been observing the mast for about a week before deciding to climb it. The suspect is presently in police custody and stable condition. Further development will be communicated in due course.”

Earlier, Yusuf had said he climbed the mast to draw attention to the economic hardship in the country and other social issues.

“I climbed the mast to protest the prevailing economic hardship in the country,” Yusuf declared, according to witnesses.

Yusuf’s protest extended beyond just economic hardship. A note left behind outlined his grievances, highlighting issues like insecurity and the plight of out-of-school children.

The note reads, “Long enough for the government to stand by and do nothing while Boko Haram, bandits and kidnappers are killing people in the country every day,” the note reads.

“Long enough for the inflation rate to continue rising rapidly. Long enough for the number of out-of-school children to continue increasing. Long enough for me to keep quiet.”

He threatened to remain perched on the mast until these issues were addressed.

Thankfully, the situation did not escalate into tragedy. Police and emergency services arrived at the scene and engaged Yusuf in negotiations.

Florence Wenegieme, acting general manager of the FCT emergency management department, played a crucial role in convincing him to descend.

Wenegieme assured Yusuf that his message would be heard by the authorities.

“He came down from the mast after I promised him his message would be delivered to the FCTA, the president and the federal government,” she stated.

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