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Officials Recapture Hyena That Escaped From Jos Wildlife Park


A hyena that went missing from the Jos Wildlife Park has been successfully located, tranquilised, and safely returned to its enclosure, announced the Plateau State Tourism Corporation (PSTC) management.

The alert about the missing hyena had been issued on Monday by the PSTC, causing concern among the public.

However, swift action by park officials led to the successful recovery of the animal on Tuesday.

Chuwang Pwajok, head of the PSTC, expressed gratitude to the public for their cooperation during the search and rescue operation.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Pwajok reassured the community that the hyena had been found alive and securely restored to its habitat.

“We are pleased to inform the general public that following extensive search and rescue efforts, the missing hyena has been located and safely returned to its enclosure after being tranquillised,” the statement read.

The swift response and collaboration from the public greatly facilitated the efficient recovery of the hyena.

Pwajok extended appreciation to everyone involved, emphasizing that their assistance played a crucial role in the successful outcome.

Panic gripped Dong village in the Jos North local government area of Plateau State after the hyena broke out of its enclosure at the Jos Wildlife Park on Sunday.

Residents were alarmed by the news of the wild animal roaming outside its designated area.

Pwajok confirmed the incident on Monday and assured the public that efforts were underway to locate and safely return the hyena to its enclosure.

“I received a report yesterday of a hyena escaping from its enclosure at the Jos Wildlife Park and immediately directed all our staff, especially the park rangers and animal keepers on hand, to take immediate steps to locate the animal,” Pwajok stated.

He emphasised the expansive nature of the park, noting that all available resources were being deployed to locate and safely lure the animal back into its enclosure without harm to residents or other animals.

“We’ve sent out information to the public, informing them of what has happened,” Pwajok added, urging the community to remain calm and avoid spreading unverified information, particularly through social media.

Addressing rumours that the hyena escaped due to hunger, Pwajok clarified, “There are insinuations in some quarters that it left its enclosure due to hunger, which is far from the truth. All our animals, including the hyena, have been well cared for and are in good health.”

He attributed improvements in the park’s conditions to Plateau State Governor Caleb Mutfwang’s support, ensuring adequate resources for feeding and maintenance.

“One of our major priorities is the Jos Wildlife Park. Despite challenges from years of neglect, we have been working diligently to improve conditions,” Pwajok affirmed.

“We are actively addressing issues such as ageing cages, with plans underway to rehabilitate and modernize them.”

Pwajok expressed optimism that these efforts would enhance visitors’ experiences and reaffirmed the commitment to maintaining the safety and well-being of both animals and visitors at the park.

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