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Africhange Launches Remittance Solutions For Diaspora Nigerians, Others


Africhange, a prominent global remittance services provider, has made its grand entry into the United Kingdom market, aiming to streamline and enhance international money transfers for Africans living in the diaspora.

Specialising in cost-effective and reliable solutions, Africhange has received its Authorised Payment Institution Licence, marking the beginning of its operations in the UK.

Initially focusing on the UK-Nigeria corridor, Africhange plans to expand its services to include Ghana and Kenya by the end of the year.

This expansion aims to cater to the significant flow of remittances from the UK, which exceeded $8 billion in 2023 alone, underscoring the substantial financial link between the UK and various African countries.

David Ajala, the founder and CEO of Africhange, expressed enthusiasm about entering the UK market, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing the best global payments experience.

“Despite the high volume of remittances to Africa, the costs associated with sending money often result in reduced funds reaching the intended recipients,” said Ajala.

“Africhange aims to change this by offering efficient and affordable remittance services.”

One of Africhange’s key offerings includes discounted exchange rates tailored for students enrolled in UK universities, supplementing the competitive rates available to the general public.

Additionally, the platform is set to introduce its innovative loyalty program, Afripoints, in the UK.

Afripoints allows users to earn rewards for each transaction, which can be redeemed as cash or used to avail discounts on future transactions.

Already operational in Canada, Australia, and Nigeria, Afripoints has garnered popularity among users for its user-friendly benefits and rewards system.

Its upcoming launch in the UK is expected to further incentivize users to utilize Africhange for their remittance needs.

Looking forward, Africhange plans to expand its remittance services across more than 100 corridors globally, facilitating seamless transactions across Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

The company also aims to broaden its suite of financial services, catering to diverse user needs beyond remittances.

As Africhange embarks on its journey in the UK, the company anticipates reaching a broader customer base and making a significant impact on reducing the costs associated with international money transfers.

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