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Community Grieves Drowning Death Of Two Teenage Nigerian Sisters In New York


The Bronx community gathered solemnly at a mosque in Mount Hope to bid farewell to Aisha Mohammed, 18, and her younger sister Zainab Mohammed, 17, who tragically drowned at Coney Island Beach.

Both sisters were Nigerians who moved to the US with family.

Family members and friends shared memories of the sisters, emphasizing their loving and caring nature.

The incident occurred Friday evening when the sisters, along with their cousin Shareef Mohammad, ventured into the waters off Coney Island at a time when lifeguards were off-duty.

The family’s beach outing quickly turned into a rescue mission when the girls encountered rough waters and began calling for help.

“They were yelling for help. We were trying to save them,” recounted Mariam Mohammed, their older sister who was present at the scene.

Mariam and Adam were among a group of 12 family and friends enjoying the beach. Lifeguards had ended their shift at 6 p.m., and around 8 p.m., emergency calls alerted police to Zainab and Aisha Mohammed, along with their cousin Shareef Mohammad, in distress in the water.

Shareef was successfully rescued.

Approximately 90 minutes later, rescuers retrieved Zainab and Aisha from the water in critical condition. Tragically, despite efforts to save them, both sisters succumbed to their injuries after being rushed to the hospital.

Initial reports suggested the sisters had managed to briefly exit the water before returning and facing difficulty, a claim adamantly refuted by their cousin Adam Mohammad. “They never got a chance to get out of the water,” he clarified, dispelling earlier misinformation.

The loss has deeply affected their father, Mohammed Ahmed, who described his daughters as exceptional individuals with bright futures.

Zainab, a student at Advanced Math and Science High School, harboured dreams of becoming a doctor, while Aisha, attending Success Academy, aspired to work as a pharmacy technician.

Mayor Eric Adams, present at the funeral service, addressed the community’s grief and stressed the city’s commitment to enhancing water safety measures.

“We need to educate parents and loved ones on the dangers and the right times for swimming,” he affirmed during a press briefing.

As the Bronx community continues to mourn, the family finds solace in their faith, with Mariam Mohammed urging attendees to remember her sisters in their prayers.

“Right now, they’re looking at us and they don’t wanna see nobody crying,” she said, advocating for strength and remembrance amidst the sorrow.

Funeral arrangements for the sisters are underway, as the community stands united in honouring their lives and supporting each other through this tragic loss.

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