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Dammy Krane Agrees To Peace With Davido Following KWAM 1’s Mediation


Dammy Krane, the popular singer that is at loggerheads with Afrobeats superstar, Davido, has responded to calls for peace issued by legendary musician KWAM 1.

The conflict between Dammy Krane and Davido dates back to 2023 when Dammy Krane publicly accused Davido of owing him money.

In response, Davido labelled Dammy Krane as ungrateful, sparking a series of heated exchanges on social media. Most recently, Dammy Krane escalated tensions by implicating Davido in the death of his friend, Tagbo Umeike, in 2017.

In a surprising twist, KWAM 1 intervened over the weekend, urging both artists to reconcile their differences.

Dammy Krane, taking to his social media platform, disclosed that Davido had initiated a meeting with his mother in the United States.

Despite the past grievances, Dammy Krane acknowledged the efforts made towards reconciliation, particularly by KWAM 1, and expressed his willingness to embrace peace.

“SO, @davido set up a meeting with my mum in Yankee lol. I understand all,” Dammy Krane shared in his post. “I’ll leave the Tagbo matter to God because of good people like family and K1 De Ultimate. But David (must) pay for the song I wrote and royalties.”

However, Dammy Krane posted a poignant reflection: “Evil prevails when good people refuse to talk,” emphasising the importance of dialogue and reconciliation in resolving conflicts.

Meteor Nigeria had reported that Fuji maestro, Ayinde Marshall, popularly known as KWAM 1 or K1 De Ultimate, waded into the fight after the quarrel took a turn for the worse recently when he accused Davido of being responsible for the death of their associate, Tagbo Umeike, who tragically passed away on Davido’s birthday.

Dammy Krane took to social media to accuse Davido of being involved in Tagbo’s death and even challenged Davido to take legal action against him if he was lying.

He said, “I’m boldly saying @davido has a hand in Tagbo’s death,” he wrote.

“If I’m lying they should sue me, make everything cast for court. I ready help am spread all hin dirty linen for” public.”

He expressed readiness to testify in court and promised to reveal Davido’s alleged misconduct publicly.

KWAM 1, who is currently on a tour of the United States, made the plea while singing at an event.

Singing in Yoruba he said, “I want to send you on an errand to my son, Dammy Krane that he should stop fighting Davido.

“Whatever is the issue, he should let it end. I am appealing to him to end the matter. I don’t want to hear any story again.

“None of you will ever experience the loss of a child. None of you will die. Our prayers will be answered.”

“Both of them, Dammy Krane and Davido, are your children. I have sent somebody to Dammy Krane and spoken to David to pipe down.”

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