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El-Rufai’s Son Slams Tinubu: You’ll Be Voted Out, Nothing Will Happen


In a dramatic turn of events, Bashir el-Rufai, son of former Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai, launched a scathing attack on President Bola Tinubu, sparking widespread debate and speculation within Nigeria’s political circles.

Bashir, known for his active presence on social media platforms, had been a staunch supporter of Tinubu until recently.

His remarks, posted on his account, have brought to light purported tensions between his family and Tinubu, a key figure in the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Nigerian politics at large.

There has been speculation that the el-Rufai family hasn’t been happy with the lack of adequate recognition and compensation for the former governor’s role in supporting Tinubu’s presidential ambitions.

Adding to the intrigue, Nasir el-Rufai himself has been under scrutiny by the administration of Governor Uba Sani for allegations of corruption and embezzlement.

These investigations have further fueled speculation about internal rifts and political manoeuvring within the party.

In his social media posts, Bashir el-Rufai did not mince words, challenging the political establishment and asserting that no leader is immune to electoral consequences.

Although he didn’t mention President Tinubu by name, he dropped hints that would offer discerning readers clues about who he was referring to.

 “Nobody is too big to be elected out of office by the people. It will happen & wallahi nothing will happen. So forget all these intimidations flying up and down. Let us be patient,” he declared.

“Even IMF & World Bank no go save una that time. Political strategist una. That one na for Lagos.

The younger el-Rufai also took aim at what he described as “ethnocentric political strategy,” suggesting dissatisfaction with the current governance and electoral tactics employed by some leaders.

While Bashir did not explicitly name individuals, his comments left little doubt as to their target, stirring reactions and prompting discussions across social media platforms.

He remained defiant amidst criticism, stating, “I didn’t call names o, but due to their guilt, they already know who is being spoken about.

“Wallahi, none of you will force anyone to support this utter failure of governance disguised as a useless, dangerous ethnocentric political strategy.

“Keep crying in the comments, I will read them later. Anyone who insults me & doesn’t get a response should please wait small, I have a long day today & will appropriately respond at night when I put my boys to bed.

“Keep crying – I said what I said & I meant it. Spread it around”

El-Rufai’s father, known for his outspoken nature and reformist policies in Kaduna State, has been a key figure in Nigeria’s political landscape for decades.

His rise to prominence began in the early 2000s when he served as the Director-General of the Bureau of Public Enterprises under President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration.

Subsequently, he held various ministerial positions, including Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, where he implemented significant reforms.

In recent years, El-Rufai’s political ambitions have been widely speculated upon, with some pundits viewing him as a potential presidential candidate.

The perceived lack of compensation or acknowledgement from Tinubu’s camp has fueled rumours and discussions about El-Rufai’s future political alignments and ambitions.

Despite these speculations, both El-Rufai and Tinubu have not publicly addressed the alleged rift or the specifics of their political relationship.

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