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On May 19, 2024, Meteor Nigeria was founded in Lagos, Nigeria by Borderless Media Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian media company aspiring to expand across Africa and establish itself as a respected global media group.

At Meteor Nigeria, we understand that democracy and enterprise thrive when people are well-informed, and lives are transformed when information inspires.

Our newsroom is peopled by experienced journalists, investigative reporters, and storytellers dedicated to excellence and change.

We hold ourselves accountable to our readers and the principles of truth, balance and fairness.

We believe in the power of facts to dispel misinformation, fostering an environment where truth prevails over sensation.

At Meteor Nigeria, we celebrate Nigeria’s diversity, counting it as a source of strength and we are committed to inclusivity both in our news coverage and within our organisation.

Through collaboration, innovation, and unwavering commitment to our values, we aim to be the leading source of news and information for Nigerians at home and abroad.

Chief Executive Officer: Anthony Ekun
Anthony Ekun is a renowned marketing communications professional and creative consultant. His creative vision has significantly impacted brands such as MTN, GT Bank, Guinness, and ExxonMobil, through transformative campaigns like MTN’s “Life is Beautiful” and Guinness’ “Power of Naija.” Ekun enjoys industry-wide recognition for his contributions to music, film and social engineering initiatives, reflecting his commitment to innovative storytelling and societal impact.

Managing Editor: Toun Aderele
Toun Aderele is a media professional with footprints in radio, television and print. Her journey began as a Staff Writer at Just It Magazine, before she moved on to become the Hospitality Page Editor at the esteemed African Standard newspaper.
Toun’s editorial journey continued to flourish as she assumed the role of Regional Editor at Business in Africa Magazine, in collaboration with Phillips Consulting Limited. She also served as Executive Director at Nigerian Compass Newspaper and The Westerner Magazine, publications under Western Publishing Company Limited.
In addition to her print media achievements, Toun Aderele has made significant strides in broadcasting. She leads Tuakli TV, a dynamic television production company, and hosts the popular “Bumper Breakfast Show” on MITV.

Advisory Board

Ademola Osinubi
Ademola Osinubi is a distinguished lawyer, journalist, and management expert renowned for his pivotal role in shaping Punch Nigeria into the country’s leading print and digital newspaper. His illustrious career at Punch, from reporter to Group News Editor, Editor and Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief, spanned over four decades. Under his leadership, Punch garnered numerous accolades, winning Africa’s and Nigeria’s most prestigious awards, including the CNN African Journalist of the Year Award, Nigeria Media Merit Award, Diamond Media Awards for Media Excellence and others. Beyond journalism, Osinubi is recognized for his significant contributions to society, earning him the Knight of John Wesley honour. He is a Fellow of the Nigerian Guild of Editors.

Simon Kolawole
Simon Kolawole is a distinguished Nigerian journalist and founder of Cable Newspaper Limited. Kolawole is known for revolutionising Nigerian online journalism through TheCable. His career highlights include serving as the youngest editor of a national newspaper in Nigeria at ThisDay, where he earned acclaim for his editorial leadership and commitment to journalistic excellence. Simon Kolawole was honoured as one of the Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum for his outstanding contributions to media and society.

Lekan Ogunbanwo
Lekan Ogunbanwo is a respected Nigerian broadcaster and media leader, currently serving as Managing Director and CEO of PlusTV Africa. With over 43 years of dedicated service, his career includes notable roles such as Permanent Secretary in the Lagos State Government and General Manager, LagosTV/ Radio Lagos and Eko FM. Lekan Ogunbanwo is celebrated for introducing groundbreaking programs like “Lagos This Morning Programme” and remains a prominent voice in African broadcasting.

Abiodun Doherty
Abiodun Doherty is a distinguished legal professional, personal finance coach and columnist. With nearly three decades of experience, he is recognised for his expertise in corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution. Doherty is also an accomplished Real Estate investor and consultant, dedicated to professional development and community service through affiliations with prestigious organisations.